What job have you made the most money yet?


Honestly I’ve yet to really have a “big boy” job but I’m definitely thinking of going to school next year and trying to find an actual ‘career’ 😭

but so far I’ve made the most while serving/bartending.
On average I make $800 - $900 a week. Of course it’s all from tips so it fluctuates. Some nights are better than others.
the most I ever made in one night was $350. (It was a Monday too)

I make more while bartending too because I collect tip share from all the servers. But I don’t bartend too often because it’s stressful lol. I have to make drinks for the entire restaurant AND serve tables AND serve everyone at the bar top. Which makes zero sense to me. You’re saying I have to make everyone’s drinks AND serve more people than the actual servers? 🤨 that’s some bullshit lol

What job have you made the most money yet?
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