What's some of the worst jobs you've ever had?

Whats some of the worst jobs youve ever had?

My shortlist of some crappy jobs I had when younger.

  • Train ticket conductor; 2003
  • Seafood restaurant dishwasher; 2003
  • Cold calling sales for a call center; 2004
  • Taco Bell/Pizza Hut; 2005
  • Wendy's; 2006
  • Subway; 2006
  • College work study job at the finance department; 2007
  • Paid intern for WWE in New York; 2007
  • Parking lot attendant; 2008
  • Custodial work for a company called Team Clean; 2009
  • Selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door; 2009
  • Selling knives door-to-door for a company called CutCo; 2009
  • Selling home energy packages for a green energy company; 2010
  • Cold calling sales for a dietary company called YOR Health; 2010 (It was an MLM scam)
  • Cold calling sales for a service called Z-Linked for an SEO company called Zurvita; 2010 (I had one extremely rude asshole who called me during his golf game and tried to say I was incompetent at my job, even though he was wrong; he still expected me to hire him and use him and I immediately shredded his resume)
  • Concert security; 2011-2013 (almost got fired due to Katy f*ckin' Perry thinking I looked "too negative")
  • Executive protection services (bodyguard work); 2013
  • Bank armed security guard; 2014

    That's just the major ones I lasted at for a month or more. I hated almost all of them.
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I also forgot my 2014 stay at a poorly run, giant media company, that rhymes with "broadcast."
From 2015-2017, I worked as a concierge while in college, before Union BS put an end to my job.
From 2017-2019, I worked for a security company, mainly as another apartment concierge, but also did side gigs, while getting my English Masters.
And I've been a Korean ESL teacher ever since November 2019.
What's some of the worst jobs you've ever had?
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