HELP? What jobs pay high with no degree?


I know social media pays a lot now a days but you need be famous & im not famous I have bad luck on social media.
i get 0 likes. 0 views.
I can’t do only fans and you need fans be famous to get people pay for your videos. So I have no money with that.

I work in a warehouse job pack clothes. I work 30 hours so make only $400 a wk.

I plan every 2 wks put $800 into savings starting April & next 2 wks of the month $800 for rent.
but rent is $1k & I need $100 weekly or $150 for food gas. Shop, pay for nessetieis like oil change, etc

i have an online store but need money to invest in new inventory like $200. & need promotion so plan go weekly to vendor events to grow. But u need pay to attend vendor events plus need money to buy my table chair etc for the events.

I see on YouTube on girl was a stripper & made $600 a day 6 hours.

I don't know if she dances but she posted vlogs just walking around in clubs in cute bikinis & dresses. But I don't know if you need dance on stage or what for the job.

I used to be able pay rent with business sales but for now I don’t have money resume my business. I can only be stable in life if I begin paying rent again monthly with business it would help tremendously.

for now I’m broke and don’t know what to do. I’m jealous of the girls that make thousands making YouTube videos or money on Instagram. I don’t deserve work at a warehouse. I want grow my business but can’t promote it having hard time I have bad luck on social media.

HELP? What jobs pay high with no degree?
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