I feel like I am no good at my job and that I'll get fired... What should I do?

So I got hired as a remote business analyst 3 weeks ago. On paper, I should be really good for the job, and honestly I am. or was. I don't know. I know all the technical things I need to know and have the people skills I need, but for some reason I cannot stop fucking up at work. My tasks constantly need to be edited by my supervisor and boss, multiple times. I keep making silly mistakes left and right. Things that imply that I did not pay attention. But that is just the thing. I did. I even record my meetings and agonize over them. I listen to the again and again to make sure I got everything and still. Still I fuck up. I don't know maybe I am just dumb and this is the first time I discover it. I am still in my 3 months probation and am just worried that they will turn around one day and fire me. maybe I would deserve it honestly. I am trying my best. I really really am, yet I still fuck up.

Maybe the right thing to do is just quit...


My mistakes are dumb things, like posting a request in the wrong place in Jira. Having a spelling mistake in content sent to developers so the content needs editting. Having a document I am working on not done correctly. Not understanding things about the flow of the ERP system my company is using. So far I am not causing any customer facing issue. It is just general small things that I keep fucking up, but they are still fuckups nonetheless and I would understand if I got fired for that.
I feel like I am no good at my job and that I'll get fired... What should I do?
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