Do you think I'm about to get fired?

Vocational rehabilitation helped me get a job in commercial cleaning a couple months ago. Everything was going pretty good until about a couple weeks ago. My boss texted me and kindly told me to take my time because the company I clean for said I forgot some trash cans and to fill the paper towel dispensers. I've really been on top if it and I dont think I've forgotten ever since. At least I havnt had any complaints.

There is another place I clean. It's a bank. Everything was going good until a couple days ago. The manager of the bank left a note on the janitors closet politely asking me to clean the glass doors as it hasn't been done in a while. I did that. The manager left another note today telling me to please dust the top of the tellers desks because they are VERY dusty and she underlined dusty. A lot of the places I had to dust had items on it and we aren't supposed to move any items so I call my boss and tell her what the note said and she said she would call the manager and tell her that I can only clean around the items so I won't get all the dust.

The truth is I moved some of the easily movable items and dusted under them. I just really don't want to lose this job. I'm just afraid that on Monday I will discover another note on my door telling me to do something else or she will tell my boss I'm forgetting to do all these things. Do you think im close to getting fired or should I have been fired already?
Do you think I'm about to get fired?
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