School is making my daughter sick! Should I homeschool her?

Every single day she feels sick to her stomach! She is 12. She texts me from school all day saying it's too loud, she feels sick and she wants to come home.

I've managed to get her to not need to attend P. E because she was worse on P. E days. She gets allowed to sit out classes in a "quieter" space called inclusion. They get given work but it's not gonna be same as in class surely.

She swears she is not bullied. But she has extreme anxiety going in or around crowds.

The school have not been very good at all. Only reason they finally let her off P. E is cos the doctor said so, to reduce her anxiety and hopefully improve her attendance.

I told her to give it a year and then we would talk about home schooling. She really wants to. But I'm concerned about the lack of social interaction she will get at home. And of course it won't be cheap. But can do it with a little sacrifice.

She is waiting for counselling. But it's a 2 year waiting list. She has self harmed too once.

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Thank you for all the responses. I have made the decision to go ahead with homeschooling. My daughter is so bright and happy at home. I don't think anyone would expect an adult to work in a place that fills them with such dread and anxiety. So why do that to our children? She will get all the education she needs for "work" and then tailor the rest of her needs based on life skills and interests. Thank you again.
School is making my daughter sick! Should I homeschool her?
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