6 Things a Woman Should Always Have in Her Office Drawer

1. Lipstick Have 3 lipsticks you use commonly. 2. Nail file 3. Nail polish Especially the ones you wear at the office. 4. Dry...
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4 Things Women Should Never Wear to a Job Interview

1. Decollete It can be good in daily life but you must keep away from them while going to a job interview. Especially from cleavage. 2....
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Why College Loans Are EVIL

I had researched college loans a lot and found out some shocking things. Shocking to me anyway. I found out...well, a common statistic...
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The Living Hell Of Two Jobs!

For the better part of 4 months I have been working two jobs. Five days at a main job, one split between the two jobs and two full days...
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8 Types of Coworkers Likely to be in Every Workplace

1. Newsmonger You learn everything from that person. 2. Tactless teen Full of boring and sexual jokes. 3. A snake in the grass They...
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Tips for Scoring a Successful Job Interview

Everyday, you are applying to many jobs. Imagine that you prepared your CV and applied for a job. Then they evaluated your application...
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The 7 Types of Guys I Dealt With in High School

Being a girl in high school you tend to concentrate on other things then your classes and one of those things are boys. Here are the...
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Why do employers bother asking your salary expectation when they just offer what they think you’re worth?

I’ve found generally that your expectation has little to do with what they actually offer you.

Have you ever been sexually assaulted by your classmate in school?

I have, a few times. The most recent was days ago. A guy sat next to me in class reached out to touch my thigh, I pushed his hand away....

What's the best investment/money making advice you've ever gotten?

Mine is to write down the goal as specific as possible so its easier to build a plan.

Is it to allow school boys to wear skirts in accordance with the gender neutral uniform policy?

The gender neutral uniform policy means both girls and boys are free to choose one of the uniforms approved by their school. So boys...

Be honest, have you ever lost your temper with an employee who made a mistake?

We are all humans. Everyone makes mistakes. What happened and what did you say?

How do you pronounce the letter "H" when it stands alone?

The letter "H" is said in many different ways, depending on where you are in the world. Tellus, how do you pronounce the letter "H"?
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Have you ever noticed blatant falsehoods taught in public schools?

did you confront your teacher about it? did they decide it is important to clarify to the class, or do they choose to sheepishly follow...
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I was denied a pay raise that would get me to what entry level workers make with no experience, but then I was asked to train. how do I respond?

Title says it all. I make $5 less than entry level workers are making w no experience. I asked for a compromise to help me bridge the...
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Have you ever forgiven yourself for not reaching a goal?

I actually reached my goal last night and ended the current project I was involved with. Though, not without messing up my sleep and my...
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Do you Consider Social media a real Job? Like Youtuber, Twitch streamer, Tik toker, etc?

Like if somebody wanted to invest there time and entry into that instead of a actual 9-5 would you think that good idea
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