Weirdly Funny Movie Roommates

Lloyid and Harry [Dumb and Dumber]

Weirdly Funny Movie Roommates

A good hearted friendship between two really stupid guys. Cute and heartwarming to watch.

Mercedes [22 Jump Street]

Weirdly Funny Movie Roommates

Yeah, she's that nutty roommate that leans on insults to create chemistry between her and her roommates. Schmidt knows what I'm talking about...

Michael Dorsey / Dorothy Michaels [Tootsie]

Weirdly Funny Movie Roommates

While Tootsie wasn't all that strange of a person, she was definitely ballsy. It was messed up that he was pretending to be a woman to his best friend - and lived with her as one. Funny but also strange, one must agree. Michael did whatever he needed to to get the role of his life - an admirable quality in anyone, surely. The drawback is the fact that he might've played with some people's lives to get what he was after.

Spike [Notting Hill]

Weirdly Funny Movie Roommates

Besides the strangely eccentric behavior, the actor didn't brush his teeth for a while in preparation for his role.

Brynn and Gil [Bridesmaids]

Weirdly Funny Movie Roommates

Both equally as creepy, both equally as stupid...a winning combination in most cases - but only as a supportive character, or one just there for giggles along the way.

The whole cast of - [What We Do In the Shadows]

Weirdly Funny Movie Roommates

When a gang of very socially awkward vampires, some more traditional than others (Petyr - the Nosferatu look-alike) live so long together some conflict should arise. Some conflict and a lot of weird humor to go along with it. The supernatural struggling with the mundane.

Austin Powers [Austin Powers]

Weirdly Funny Movie Roommates

A 1960s hipster secret agent is brought out of cryofreeze to oppose his greatest enemy in the 1990s, where his social attitudes are glaringly out of place. And so it is only fair that we get to focus on and witness the blatant flirting and thinly veiled inuendos Austin, as a roommate and as a person is known for.

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  • Dumb and Dumber are still the funniest among these movies :D


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