Striking Movie Cougars

Sunset Boulevard

Striking Movie Cougars

Not many people who have seen this remember that Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) had a younger man friend. She pretty much outshined everyone in that movie.

The Graduate

Striking Movie Cougars

It's kind of funny that what might be the first film to really begin the cougar stereotype featured the Graduate Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) who is supposed to be a fresh-faced college graduate, but Hoffman was 30 at the time. And the aggressive older woman, Mrs. Robinson, who seduced him and was played by Anne Bancroft — she was 36 at the time.

Thelma & Louise

Striking Movie Cougars

Part of getting a life after leaving your husband, apparently, involves a younger, shirtless Brad Pitt. Can't argue with that.

Y Tu Mamá También

Striking Movie Cougars

This movie is amazing > part coming-of-age film, part road trip, part melodrama. No matter how surprising the erotic scene is between Ana, Tenoch, and his buddy Julio > there's humor and tenderness there. Seems that Anna is just ready for anything here, but only when she's in the mood.

Sex and the City

Striking Movie Cougars

The television show turned into a movie that kinda glamourized and pathologized cougars. And shopping. And friendship. And basically everything having to do with women. Mostly talking about Samantha here. But then again - younger guys weren't the only ones on her menu.

American Pie

Striking Movie Cougars

Two words: "Stifler's mom." Who could deny the chemistry between Stifler’s mom and her son’s "sophisticated" friend, Finch?

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