There's more to Electronic Dance Music than what you "know"

EDM gets a lot of hate which people are entitled to do so but they should know what they're hating.

Electronic Dance Music is an umbrella term for multiple and diverse genres such as House Music and Trance it's not just "techno" as some people claim. EDM has been around for a very long time as a matter of fact House Music was invented.

EDM is not about taking drugs and those who attend EDM festivals just to take drugs don't represent the entire EDM community.

Tommorowland Festival (Belgium)

There's more to Electronic Dance Music than what you

And despite popular belief EDM is not gay that stereotype is outdated and lame you cannot attach a sexual orientation to a type of music.

If EDM is "gay" then explain why there's so many girls:

EDM is so diverse so why not give it a try? I listen to songs that are out of my comfort zone so you could do the same.

Also Dj's don't just press play there is a lot of things they do and they have to prepare before every set.

Dj Booth:

PLUR: Peace Love Unity Respect


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  • It's alright. I have a friend who is completely into it though. I think he even went to Tomorrowland 2013 with his friends


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  • Please delete this Take, or it'll make people hate on EDM even more.

    • Aww you butthurt metalhead.

    • Hmm, I actually really like EDM. And if you had any sense of logic, you would've understood that I didn't WANT EDM to look worse, but your Take has made it so.

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  • Nice MyTake, I love EDM music :D


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  • I agree, electronic music is great, my absolute favorite, fantastic Take.