When Rock-Oriented Songs Become Electronic/Dance Songs

These songs below were originally rock-oriented songs,but these covers turned them into pop/dance songs instead.

1) Always On My Mind by Pet Shop Boys (1988) (original version by Elvis Presley)

2) Big Area by Scanners (1995) (original version by Then Jerico)

3) Broken Wings by Boy (1989) (original version by Mr. Mister)

4) (I Just) Died In Your Arms by Intonation (1995) (original version by Cutting Crew)

5) Eye Of The Tiger by Koto (1990) (original version by Survivor)

6) Hello I Love You by Stupid Set (1980) (original version by The Doors)

7) Jump by Eskimo (1989) (original version by Van Halen)

8) Livin’ On A Prayer by Bliss Team (1993) (original version by Bon Jovi)

9) Love Will Tear Us Apart by Invisible Limits (1989) (original version by Joy Division)

10) Losing My Religion by Swandive (1997) (original version by R.E.M.)

11) More Than A Feeling by I Concept (1993) (original version by Boston)

12) One by Information Society (1999) (original version by U2)

13) Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Saint Etienne (1990) (original version by Neil Young)

14) Rebel Yell by Scooter (1996) (original version by Billy Idol)

15) Smells Like Teen Spirit by Abigail (1994) (original version by Nirvana)

16) Sweet Child O’ Mine by Akasha (1996) (original version by Guns ‘N Roses)

17) The Final Countdown by Captain Cozmo (1998) (original version by Europe)

18) The Invisible Man by Scatman John (1996) (original version by Queen)

19) (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Apollo 440 (1994)(original version by Blue Oyster Cult)

20) Venus by Bananarama (1986) (original version by Shocking Blue)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Just found some more songs to add to my playlist. ;)

    I like cover songs, remixes, and the originals. What I appreciate about the covers and the remixes for a new generation is that if they really like that song they can go and search for the original.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Great examples, I like electronic versions of these songs, though, even some originals were really cool (Survivor, Europe, Billy Idol).


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What Girls Said 1

  • Wow, I love Bananarama and Scooter :)


What Guys Said 2

  • Usually I don't approve of remixes unless the remix is in the same genre of music or at the very least a similar one.

  • I am not familiar with many of the songs, but of those I am familiar with I prefer the original ones.

    “Always on My Mind” was recorded by both Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley about the same time, and though Elvis was usually given as the first, I have seen Brenda Lee listed as first in some places. And though rock and country often crossed and joined, it was considered Country, especially when Willie Nelson did it. Both Brenda and Willie Nelson sounded great to me.
    And I am definitely fond of the original Venus. this new one leave me cold.


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