Just Like Dancing


"No matter what happens let's lets always be friends." His green eyes sparkled with a mix of mischief and so many untold secrets. If I had to describe Sam, I would have to say that he is like an open book, but with hidden pages. Probably the most out going cheerful person know, at least outwardly. I'd know him for years but until recently, didn't quite know what to think of him. He was smart and the more I got to know him on a personal level the more I could see that.

After crushing on him for years it was hard to believe that it was me in his arms now. At the top of the water fall surrounded by trees and water flowing by the off the sheer drop off turning into a mist before hitting the bottom. The air was cool in the shade even in late August. The summer was almost over but you couldn't tell, not where we were, looking out at the view in front of us across the gorge the majestic scenery was breath taking.. well at least I wanted to blame it on the scenery, but it probably more the fact that I was leaning up against him as we sat looking out across the country side with his arms around me. After going through so much at home the past three weeks if felt so good to be close to some one. Some one who understood, who wanted to be there, who I could trust and didn't judge me. I would have thought that I would have been nervous, but I wasn't. Being close to him and in his arms felt like the most natural thing in world. In that moment every thing was perfect and I didn't want anything to change, not the summer, not me, not us. Softly he brushed his lips against my shoulder pulling me out of my thoughts. I held my breath but couldn't control the goosebumps.

"Cold?" His voice was barely above a whisper and sent his warm breath down my neck. I was hesitant to answer. I liked him, yes, and I've known him for years, but we'd only started hanging out two days ago, he wanted to be friends. Things had changed three weeks ago today, I had changed and I wasn't ready to start something like this again so soon, I knew I wasn't ready and so did he. So why was I turning to face him.

"Not any more." I used a tone that matched his. I was nervous, the naturalness of the atmosphere was gone and I found my self staring at his lips. He waited, I knew that he wouldn't push me into doing something I didn't want to but this was my diction and I had to make it. I leaned closer looking into his eyes as if searching for some thing, I don't know what. He lifted his hand to my chin, gently lifting my lips to his. My eyes fluttered shut and just like dancing, I let him lead.

Just Like Dancing
Just Like Dancing
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