My Top 10 Christmas Songs Of All Time!

10. Feliz Navidad

We learned this song in my Spanish class in high school and loved it. But no one sings it better than Jose Feliciano.

9. Mr Grinch

This song used to make me laugh as a child everytime I'd watch this movie. The words are just so excellent.

9. Marshmallow World

This song is just so sweet (literally). I like the comparison of winter to a world of marshmallows and whipped cream. A very underrated song in my opinion. Plus it's Dean Martin a classic Christmas crooner. Him, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Perry como, and Bing Crosby literally are the best Christmas song singers of all time.

8. The Chipmunk song

I always loved listening to this growing up, it is just a timeless song! It's a song the whole family can enjoy! The sped up squeaky voices still make me laugh.

7. Jingle Bell Rock

Another yet timeless classic. It's just a feel good Christmas song that is so catchy.

6. There's No place like home for the holidays

This song is a very feel good song and reminds us that no matter where we are this holiday season, nothing beats spending it at home with family.

5. Little Drummer Boy

This has always been one of my favorites of the more religious Christmas songs. I always imagined this being done by a military drum corps in the background.

4. Snoopy's Christmas

This is a cute song about Snoopy and the Red Baron. The more important message is that there can even be peace at Christmas in the midst of World War 1.

3. Happy Christmas (War is Over)

John Lennon does a very good job at this Christmas song. This is one of his better singles releases. Plus it shows he was a rather peaceful man.

2. Joy To the World

This is my favorite religious Christmas carol of all time. Plus this version is a swinging version from the 60's so it kinda adds a new upbeat twist to the classic carol.

1. Step Into Christmas

I really like the upbeat style of this song, although i'm not a big Sir Elton John fan. This song is rather enjoyable and one of his best next to Crocodile Rock and Candle in the Wind.

So that is my list. Are there any favorites of yours I might have missed, any changes you would make? Let me know below. I hope you enjoyed this list of Christmas songs!

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  • I am not religious myself, but I take my mother to midnight mass on Christmas. She attends an English speaking mass. Next door there is a Spanish mass. I have walked by there and heard them singing a very spirited version of Feliz Navidad with guitars and violins and tambourines and it sounds great. I find myself wishing my mother would attend the Spanish mass.

    I once heard Los Lobos do a completely instrumental version of Feliz Navidad. It was spectacular. The video featured animated animals dancing. I loved it.

    • I do like Jose's version too. And Los Lobos was good too. They also do a good version of Ritchie Valens' La Bamba. But these are all great Christmas songs. The only two I really dislike is Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer and Santa Baby. The latter because it sounds so materialistic and sexual. The first one because it brings back memories of my grandmother who raised me and passed away a couple years ago.

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  • Ah, the typo in the lyrics of Feliz Navidad is killing me! It's "año" not "ano", the "ñ" makes it so that you're not saying "prosperous anus".

    • True, i just saw that. Anyways blame the video maker not me lol

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    • Hmm, interesting. I've never heard it entirely in Spanish.

    • Me either until that class.

  • The songs are good, but to me they need remastering, they don't sound that good, too noisy sounding especially to listen to while driving, so oh guess this post is a bah hum bug. If i had to pick, I pick #3

    Believe we forgot some of these... too

  • My favorite is John Lennon one. Incredible.


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