Char's Favorite Christmas Songs

I love music. All kinds. No genre is off limits. So of course I had to do a list of my favorite Christmas songs! Read on!

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I love the back and forth with this song. And the Glee version is my favorite!

This Christmas

One of the classics! And done by so many people. This version and the one by Christina Aguilera are my favorites.

The Christmas Song

This song brings the authentic feel to the season. It's apart of so many people's Christmas traditions. Again, this version is my personal favorite. No one sings it quite like Nat King Cole does!

Let It Snow

This song is a family favorite. Plus Boyz II Men is an awesome group and they happen to be from my city!

Jingle Bell Rock

I always think of Mean Girls whenever I hear this lol. Yet another classic, feel good Christmas song.

These are just a few of my favorites. Hope you guys enjoy! As always, stay classy GaGers. See you guys on the threads! ✌ ❤ 😎 🎄🎅

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