Female singers & musicians over 50, who are still hot at their age

There are some people who've been treated very well by the time. Those singers/musicians listed below are certainly one of them.

(From youngest to oldest)

1) Shania Twain, 50

Female singers & musicians over 50, who are still hot at their age.

She was always young-looking, and still she is!

2) Doro Pesch (from Warlock), 51

Those metal chicks, always age well, don't they?

3) Sheryl Crow, 53

Sure she has aged, since the 90s, but she's not bad-looking nowdays.

4) Terri Nunn (from Berlin), 54

Wow, can you believe this lady is 54? And a singer in one of the best bands of all time? Simply awesome!!!

5-6) Keren Woodward/Sara Dallin (from Bananarama), 54

Both chicks from Bananarama have aged very well!!! Actually they look even better than 30 years ago.

7) Nena, 55

Yeah this new wave chick hasn't aged at all!

8. Lita Ford, 57

Not like the sexbomb she used to be back in her "Close My Eyes Forever" days, but still pretty good.

9) Madonna, 57

Sure the most overrated among everyone on the list, but nobody can deny she's a good-looking lady for a woman who's almost 60.

10) Meredith Brooks, 57

Still nice after almost 20 years later, when she released "Bitch"

11) Joan Jett, 57

Just like it was 1982, eh? Really good genes I guess.

12) Toyah Willcox, 57

Actually she looks better now than she used to be in the 80s.

13) Kim Gordon (from Sonic Youth), 62

She's pretty for a 60+ year old lady, ain't she?

14) Stevie Nicks, 67

Oh come on you gotta be kidding me. Is she really a senior citizen? If she is then she is the hottest senior citizen without a doubt!

15) Carly Simon, 70

70??? Oh come on...really?


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  • Where's Sade?

    • Oh yeah man sorry I total forgot her... yeah she's good looking for a lady who's approaching 60...

    • Yeah she hasn't aged a bit.

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  • You forgot Susanna Hoffs. 58, and still looking cute.

    • Not bad for her age, but her face looks manlier than it was during her peak in the late 80s.