Female Singers And Musicians Over 50, Who Haven't Aged Well, Yet They Were Hot In Their Younger Days

A Part II of my previous MyTake here . If only those ladies put on some effort on their looks, and avoided unecessary plastic surgeries, then I believe they'd still look fine.

(From youngest to oldest)

1) Wendy James (from Transvision Vamp) (50)

Female singers and Musicians over 50, who haven't aged well, yet they were hot in their younger days.

She used to be a good punk chick during late 80s...but now...

2) Camilla Henemark (from Army Of Lovers) (51)

It's a miracle how she went from that sex bomb she was in those old Army Of Lovers by looking like that. Definitely the winner here, but it's not so flattering for her.

3) Neneh Cherry (52)

No good at all. And she's not THAT old.

4) Sandra (53)

In 00s she was still looking pretty. But definitely not in the 10s.

5) Jennifer Rush (55)

Really unecessary plastic surgery. I believe she could still look good if she didn't do it.

6) Kim Wilde (55)

I hardly believe how she became after 3 decades. She used to be really hot in her "Teases & Dares" and "Another Step" days.

7) Kate Bush (57)

Well, she was never a sexbomb, but she was pretty in a different way back in the 80s. Not now for sure.

8. Carol Decker (from T'Pau) (58)

Apart the fact she's not as good looking as she used to be, when T'Pau came out...she's definitely an underrated rock star, but that's another story.

9) Maggie Reilly (59)

Mostly known for doing vocals in Mike Oldifeld's song "Moonlight Shadow". She was pretty in that video, and during 90s in her solo career as well.

10) Dale Bozzio (from Missing Persons) (61)

A real sex bomb she was in the 80s when Missing Persons were at their best. Not TERRIBLY bad looking though, but still I have the impression she looks more masculine lately.

11) Pat Benatar (63)

Nice hair. But only hair unfortunately.

12) Ann Wilson (from Heart) (65)

Unlike her younger sister Nancy, she didn't age well.

13) Agnetha Faltzkog (65)

Kinda scares me, how pretty blondes can end up looking like grannies.

14) Martha Davis (from The Motels) (65)

Eh, no way...not even 1/10 about how she used to look.

15) Marianne Faithful (69)

Back in her "Broken English" days, she was really stunning. I really loved her then style (Holding a cigarette, and dressed in leather.)


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  • I don't have to worry about this, my mum is 50 and looks 30, my dad's almost 60 and has no wrinkles.


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  • After all the drugs Marianne Faithful did, be amazed she is still walking the earth.

    • Yeah and she'll turn 70 this year. She's lucky if we see it like that.

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  • If you ask me they look like the average middle aged women I see walking the streets on a daily basis. I think people hold celebrities up to a higher standard of aging well because they have the best skin care, make up artists (wow, they can work miracles), photoshop, physical trainers, and access to as many plastic surgeries as they want.
    Honestly, lets ignore all of the things they have access to for a moment, they age like regular 50+ year old people. When they don't keep up with their surgeries, photoshops, they age regularly.
    They all look like all bag women.
    I rarely in every day life ever seen women over 50 look good or sexy.

    • How would you feel 20 years later when you will be one step before hitting 50, then? Wouldn't you like to stay young?

    • Yea , I would love the age well but then again I'm out of the market at that age so I wouldn't care much. I would have enjoyed decades of my beauty and having men fawn over me.
      You can't control genetics all you can do is alter yourself with surgery.
      Make up can only do so much after a while.

  • Buuuut this take doesn't make sense if you're not going to include the pics where they looked good. o. O
    Seems like you're just bashing instead of pointing out the difference - if you wanted to do that then your title is wrong.


    • There's a limit of images you know.

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    • Well thanks, but I would rather remain anonymous. I am almost Level 9, and I'm flawless. I have zero posts with my name.

    • Haha Oh... so that's why you're anonymous... Well do what makes you happy, I say. =)

  • Age comes with lower metabolism (increased weight), wrinkles, saggy skin. Nothing wrong with this its natural. Most people or a lot of people in yor post went through plastic surgery which worsens the aging process. Its possible that one of the reasons these people "used to be" so beautiful was cause of that plastic surgery however. Its all a trade off. That being said i dont think they look bad for their age.

  • Madonna.

    • Madonna aged very well actually, and she was included in my previous MyTake.

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    • By the way do you know Madonna in 1983 (not so popular by then) did backing vocals for "Promises, Promises" Extended Version from Naked Eyes (then a popular band)? Her voice hasn't aged since then though.

    • She was also the drummer in the early days of the band Breakfast Club, which later had a hit song with "Right On Track." Madonna called her friend from Detroit, Stephen Bray, come to NYC, and he co-wrote and produced several of her early hits, and was himself the drummer in The Breakfast Club when they had their one and only hit.

  • They look perfectly fine. Obviously they aren't going to be "hot" as most woman who are hot are 17-30.

    However, they are all still BEAUTIFUL.

    And I hope to be Lucky enough to look like one of them when I'm old

  • I'm kinda surprised that I can only recognise Agnetha Faltzkog.

    • Guess you don't listen to music from previous decades.

    • Guess you're right.

    • Ah, you don't know what you're missing actually.

  • " Not aged well" apparently now means: "Not looking like you are 20 when you are 50"

    • Gaining tons of weight and tons of wrinkles though? I think it's not good if you happen to be a pop or rock star.

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    • Wow, I love what this anonymous girl said. I agree 100%

    • THIS. Aging is sadly real.

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  • Yea, people age. It's part of life and will happen to everyone. I'm hitting 60 myself, so I know the reality of it. Nobody likes it. The person you were for your entire life is gone, and you have to get used to the new you. You have to ask yourself, "Who am I now?"

    That's not always easy, but you deal with it. You have no choice. And it's not just your looks. It's your strength, your stamina, and your mind. They all age. If I had a choice of having just one of those back. I'd pick my brains first, then physical strength and stamina. Looks would be last choice.

    I've only heard of maybe half of those women. I think some are aging quite well.

    Chrissie Hynde is one of my faves. I'm not positive how old she is in this video, but I think she's 60ish+.


    Then there is Melanie. She's aged pretty well. Here's one of my favorite songs from the time. There are only a few pics of her in the video. That's her at the very beginning, and another at at 1:48. She was a real cutie. Those bangs are making a comeback.


    and in 2005 at age 58

    • Chrissie Hynde's 64 now... but lately she looks more like a man I'd say. She has masculine features.

      As for Melanie, well I saw some more recent pictures... and she aged even more.

  • years on the road plus the rock and roll lifestyle (lack of sleep, drugs and alcohol) take their toll. being fair most rockers male or female don't really treat their body's great

  • Video killed the radio star and old people.