The Best Relaxation Songs Out There

Most people of my generation, when asked about their favorite music, tend to say pop, electronic, or dubstep.

The Best Relaxation Songs Out There

I, however much I do enjoy these forms of music, tend to lean towards classic rock. My parents are fans of it as well, being born in the '60s, so when the radio was turned on in the car, it was what they wanted, therefore it was my only listening option.

When I was about 10, I got a radio alarm clock from my dad. I listened to classic rock, as well as some pop music. I loved pop music, as well as my favorite, classic rock. Unfortuately for me, I wasn't fully aware of how the stations corresponded with the numbers on the dial thingy. Basically, I just spun the wheel on the side until I heard something. I would search for a certain station, but never find it because either I skipped over it, or it had commercials on so I didn't recognize it. That led me to settling on whatever station I could find, which in some cases was classical orchestral music, country (which I mostly dislike), smooth jazz, and pop as well as my favorite, classic rock.

The Best Relaxation Songs Out There

When I was 12, my dad found his old record collection in our laundry room. I was ecstatic, of course, knowing such wonders as the Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses, Queen, ELO, and Styx lay inside the large crate. My dad proceeded to remove his favorite album from the box, which was "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd. I listened to the album, and was fairly uninterested. I was mostly into music with lyrics, and lots of action. However, I continued to listen to it, usually while reading, or playing Monopoly with my brother. Eventually, I began to recognize Pink Floyd for their musical beauty. I began to listen to other albums by the group, such as Ummagumma, Meddle, The Wall, and Echoes. I listened to songs that I never before would have even dreamed of enjoying, a good example being "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict".

If you listened to the song, you are probably thinking "What the heck was that?!", or something along those lines. However, I have come to love the song, in all of its oddity. Every song I listen to by Pink Floyd has a certain magic to it, that makes me love the song for what it is.

If I were to choose 3 songs that are my "Pink Floyd Favorites", I would choose these 3 (in no particular order):

1. A Saucerful of Secrets

This song is a very interesting piece of music. It has a story to it. The beginning is a slow, but steady lead up to Nick Mason's drum solo section. The third section sounds kind of like a space war. My favorite part of the song, starting at around 8:40, is the part called "Celestial Voices". It is the kind of music that gives you the chills. It is epic, in my opinion. I think a song is truly epic when it sounds awesome when played over footage of rocket launches. This song sounds amazing when that is done. They even did it at a Brit Floyd concert. Brit Floyd is an imitation band, but they do an amazing job of performing the classics, and still sounding great!

2. Echoes

This song is great relaxation/sleeping music, a good background song for a nice relaxing evening at home, with the fireplace, a good book, and a cup of tea. I sometimes listen to this, and end up falling asleep. Its like classical music, in that aspect. And since its 23 minutes long, you will likely be asleep well before the song's conclusion, if that is your intention. It is also great music to listen to in the quiet car when you're out on a long trip.

3. Atom Heart Mother Suite

This song is my absolute favorite of the group. It has so much variety of style in it. It is good relaxation/sleeping music, but it is also good listening music. It's entertaining! The beginning portion is also good rocket launch music. This song is a true musical masterpiece, and it is also a lengthy 23 minutes and 41 seconds. Plenty of time to fall asleep, mot to mention that the other songs on the album are just as relaxing. I usually forget that the song is done, and the next one has started.

That was my take on my favorite kind of relaxation music. I hope you enjoyed, and please voice your opinions on the songs I shared with you down below!


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  • Excellent article. I went to see Pink Floyd about 22 years ago in London and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • Thanks! As I said above, I went to a Brit Floyd concert last fall. My brother and I were the only kids there lol.

    • Check out an album by Leftfield called 'Leftism' and let me know what you think. It is electronic but it is an album that you might like. It has been my #1 favourite since I first heard it when it was released in 1995.

  • All good songs!! I love that genre to. Your not the only one and it helps me calm down most of the time. Dub step however is not a relaxing song artist at all 😂 I also like imagine dragons they do a few songs that relax me


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