💗Valentine Day Anime💗

Yup I have to give them away to someone! I mean its Valentine Day! 💗💗Valentine Day Anime💗

Ok! So If you want to get lost in ((romantic)) anime here's my suggestion!

Ore Monogatari!! - light-hearted sweetness! ✔️

💗Valentine Day Anime💗

2. Fruits Basket- cute with a mix of drama✔️

💗Valentine Day Anime💗

3. True Tear- Drama✔️

💗Valentine Day Anime💗

4.Wolf girl and Black Prince-Modern Cute!✔️

💗Valentine Day Anime💗

5.Marmalade Boy- Just adoreable! xoxo Drama!✔️

💗Valentine Day Anime💗

6. Hanasakeru Seishounen- Girl is looking for her husband. Drama!✔️

💗Valentine Day Anime💗

7. Golden Time- I haven't finish this series! So don't tell me the ending! Too cute! I'll be scream on end! hahaha✔️

💗Valentine Day Anime💗

8. Boys Over Flower- My Fav! <3 Serious romance/bullying/giving up on love?....ect! My Fav! ✔️

💗Valentine Day Anime💗

#QueenApple24🍎 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

P.S. Happy V-day! <3 Watch the first one if you don't want anything too serious and want to laugh!

Don't forget to watch the last one!!!! WATCH IT NOW! Pretty please! (:


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  • Don't forget
    Kanon 2006
    Ef a tale of memories/melodies
    Shigatsu wa kimi no uso
    Hakuouki Shinsengumi
    Air (tv)

    They're all pretty "romantic-drama" though.

    If you can sit through actual series with real people
    "Sprout" "Song of the sun" and "Koizora"(sky of love)
    are also decent choices that I liked.

    • Yeah I know those as well not seen them all completely but i know they are there. (: Oh I loved
      Air it was kinda of sad. ):
      Ef a tale of memories/melodies- I never seen that one!
      Kanon 2006- sounds good! I haven't seen it but heard of it.
      The rest I know them. I didn't like Clannad its to slow and boring. I don't know. ):
      And how come when I google "Sprout" "Song of the sun" and "Koizora"(sky of love) I can't find it? Is there a japanese name to it?

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    • That's okay, I can just keep searching for more, myself. ^.^

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Valentines Day

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Valentines Day

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  • I totally agree with you on most of them. Except boys over flowers, it was super unrealistic, ex: the car dragging seem lmao
    I suggest you watch Dance With Devils, Kamisama Kiss, and Kimi ni todoke!

    • SEEN IT! haha! well I know what they are. Yes I seen it Kimi ni todoke✔️

  • you forgot Au haru Ride that is a must see!

    • Yeah Its cute! I just didn't think I could post so many pictures!

Valentines Day