Why Video Games (Especially RPG Genre) Do More Bad Than Good In The Long Run

First of all, I'm not a saint either. I play video-games since I was 7. I also used to read many comic books. But a 7 year old doesn't have many options, so gaming is a good hobby at this age. A bad hobby for ages 14 or above though.

I still play though, even if I'm almost 25 now, especially during winter. It's a good hobby in winter too, where there's a lack of outdoor activities. But definitely not a good hobby in spring and summer. Unless you are tired, then it'd be a bad option to sit on your armchair and play.

What it matters as well, is I don't define myself as a Gamer. Since I play games because I don't have anything better to do. I wouldn't kill to play a game.

Also not all video-games are bad. There others which are good, others OK and others bad. RPG genre is the worst genre ever, and I would explain below why this genre's actually as dangerous as heroin.

Why video-games (especially RPG genre) do more bad than good in the long run.

- It's the least realistic genre.

Just like books, RPG genre features a fictional world. It's pretty obvious why it's bad, since it makes you live in an imaginary world, if you are much into this genre.

- It makes guys less manly.

It's not a coincidence. I have noticed most guys who are into RPG genre, tend to view girls in a friendly way, and they are more interested to be friends with her, instead of seeing her as a woman and try to get laid with her. In other words for them, girls are like one of the dudes, since more or less RPG genre features this concept.Guys hanging around with girls without viewing each other sexually.

- It's the most lazy genre.

Unlike racing and fighting genres, where you have to be always alert, or puzzle games where you can improve your mental skills, RPG genre offers NOTHING. You just wander around a virtual enviroment, get a bunch of characters, level them up and beat up various bosses till you get to the final boss.

- It consumes way more time than other genres.

RPG genre has too many sidequest, too many optional bosses, and such stuff. Which means way more time to consume. You consume lots of time and you earn nothing in other words.

Those are more or less, the reasons why RPG genre is the worst.

Also Mangas are not suggested. Many Mangas are based on RPGs and vice versa. So reasons #1 and #2 apply for Mangas too.

Now let's discuss about why Gamers, or to put it better those who define themselves as Gamers, have less chances to get successful getting laid.

Most people who define themselves as Gamers, tend to ignore their physical appearance. They often wear weird big glasses, go unshaved for weeks and smell bad. All of those just for the sake of a game.

Same goes for girls. Of course girls don't grow beards and get dirtier less easier, but more or less they don't care much for their appearance. Only girls they might get laid with are Gamer girls, who are often below average. Most above average girls would rather a non-Gamer guy. And those who are above average tend to be less nerdy.

And no, Gamer girls don't look like that as many Gamer guys tend to assume, unfortunately:

Why Video Games (Especially RPG Genre) Do More Bad Than Good In The Long Run

But like that!

Why Video Games (Especially RPG Genre) Do More Bad Than Good In The Long Run

Sure there might be Gamer Girls who look above average, but those are only 1 among 100 or so. Most Gamer Girls look like that one in the second picture.

Now I will talk about why people should avoid Online Gaming or buying New Video-Game Systems.

Why Video Games (Especially RPG Genre) Do More Bad Than Good In The Long Run

Online Gaming, is the worst. Since it includes chatrooms and such things. I haven't played much online, but from the little I have played I have realized why they are worse than playing solo. They include chatrooms, which means more hours to spend indoors and get hooked, since they can find their online friends there who often have similar interests, and end up being indoors.

I should also mention, online communication has done more bad than good as well. People should know how to use technology. I won't put myself out again, since I have been in many fora (yes this is the correct plurar form, not "forums". Forum is a Latin word. But I doubt most Gamers would bother to learn the correct plurar form.) and Chat Rooms as well. Yet I have some "strength" to grow out from this phase, since I'm aware it's bad. Internet's main purpose should be to give or receive information, as it was in its early years. I have even wrote a MyTake about it in the past, about how modern Internet has done more bad than good, but it's another issue.

As why you should avoid buying New Game Consoles?

It's simple. They will make you buy new games as well and get hooked again. Better play with those you used to own as a kid.

So bottom line is, more or less, you can play games if you want with moderation, and in winter mostly, but don't define yourself as a Gamer.

And even if you don't have friends, go out for a walk alone, instead of playing a game.


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  • You know the first chick looks like a man with make-up on and has fake tits, right? There are a lot of cute gamers girls I'd love to look like and she certainly isn't one of them and definitely isn't a gamer at all.

    • You're not the first one who says she looks like a man? What's so manly on her?

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    • Jealous maybe?

    • No, not jealous of a transwoman. Like I said before There's gamer chicks out there who I'd like to look similar to, but that shemale looking woman isn't one of them or a gamer.

  • This is satire, right?

    Seven yr olds don't have options for hobbies? I don't know if you've ever been around 7yr olds.

    • Not satire at all... I'm always serious. And at seven what I'm supposed to do outside? I can't go to a bar to get a drink for example. I can't even go out alone.

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    • @Transigence My parents never let me alone though.

    • @myTake Owner ha ha ha your perants suck if at 7 they don't let you go outside alone

Most Helpful Guys

  • I personally don't play RPGs since I prefer shorter and fast paced games. Leveling up and upgrading along with unlocking licked and hidden content can get really time consuming and exhausting, especially for RPGs. Although I had tried some Action RPGs but not many and don't recall finishing many. I also don't like having to read so much text and frequently for video games so RPGs just isn't for me.

    Instead I found myself playing typically Fighting games, shoot 'em ups, action, FPS's (no not COD series, as I'm not into them), and some puzzle games.

    Been cutting back my habit of playing games since I have other more important responsibilities that I can not simply avoid unlike when I was still in high school.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I'm way to terrified to go outside in spring and summer due to wasps coming out.

    "It's the least realistic genre." Like the real world is so amazing with so many happy things going on you want to think about it 24/7. -_-

    "It makes guys less manly." Da fuck are you smoking?

    "It's the most lazy genre." Yeah try to beating Fire Emblem Awakening on lunatic mode and tell me it's a lazy/easy game.

    "It consumes way more time than other genres." You just contradicted the part were you said it's a lazy genre with all you have to do. Plus you sound like a lazy ass fuck.

    Your getting laid part is invalid for I know different gamers how do get laid. I know it must be a real shocker for you to hear that.

    So the 2nd chick is a realist chick and the first one is a fake ass cunt who doesn't play games and pretends to play them.

    Also some gamers that are chicks kind of have to wear glasses due to genetics causing them to have bad eye sight. yes big glasses does look stupid but some people like it. For me I don't wear big glasses but have to wear them other wise I'm blind. My eye sight is so bad things look invisible to me so don't bother with the glasses bull shit.

    You seriously need to stop playing video games, never have contact with anyone who plays video games, and just GTFO. May RNGesus have mercy on your soul.

    • Also I wish the downvote button was back but I will just use this.

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    • @mytakeowner u are a weirdo if u don't like playing video games that is fiction like halo or Destiny

    • @Slimshady2017 MOST people don't play...

  • Wow you only cared about making sure they get laid. And you called a pretty girl ugly. Whats important to girls is not just how manly a guy is but how he doesn't just wanna fuck like a rabbit. Your argument at the beginning was good and then went downhill when you kept talking about getting laid. We are not just here to be fucked.

    • I agree. The second gamer chick was hot

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    • @lime_rampljuset Mine or hers?

    • Hers duh. Yours was beyond bleh..

  • "- It's the least realistic genre."

    Not necessarily. I have played WW2-themed RPG's that are historically accurate. I have played shooters where you bounce around a cartoony moon, while throwing magical fireballs at enemies.

    "- It makes guys less manly. "

    This isn't even remotely relevant, nor is it even backed up.

    "- It's the most lazy genre."

    RPG is a broad term. The Fallout series is rather action-packed at times.

    "- It consumes way more time than other genres."

    I have put almost 1000 hours into PAYDAY 2, a shooter. That's more hours than I've put into all other RPG's combined.

  • These aren't good points to fuel your persuasive argument as to why RPG's are harmful.
    I personally love RPG's

    • Why do you love them then?

    • Elder scrolls, fallout series, FF, Mass effect, etc.
      Playing these games are like an experience, I looked forward to playing them and these games would genuinely make me feel happy and excited, feelings I don't get very often.
      I was still sane and I still went outside.
      But why I primarily love them so much is simple, along with fps, rpg's make me happy.

    • OK. But still nobody can deny they're time consumers, right?

  • I love RPGs and they don't really take up my time.

  • You really do like to hate on your own gender, don't you?

    • And you're also immature and naive.. I figured

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    • Any particular reasons, why I'm immature naive and act like a girl? Maybe you felt hurt that I don't fancy gamers?

    • First of all, just to let you know, I wasn't saying that for the sake of insulting you. I really do think that.

      And the reason I think you're immature and naive is because you think life is only about sex and women.

      As to why you're feminine? Well... I think it's manly when a guy doesn't care about what other people think about him. There's no trait in the world that's more manly than that. Any guy who lacks this trait is feminine in my eyes, and no other masculine traits would be able to make up for it.

What Guys Said 37

  • It's your fault you play shitty hack&slash open-world RPGs with no story. If your idea of "manliness" is your inability to interact socially with women like a decent human being, then you probably should play some more character-drive RPGs to grow some social awareness and empathy.

    P. S.: there's nothing wrong with that second girl, I don't know what you're talking about.

    • In 10 minutes from NOW, when I'm able to ask a question again, I'll make a poll. First girl VS Second girl. I bet first one will win. Second girl is very plain (to be polite).

    • She isn't plain, she is pretty. It is just a bad photo.

    • yo, op got lit the fuck up! that was hilarious!

  • When one of your main arguments is "it makes guys less manly" you lose all credibility in my book. This mytake is nothing but stereotypes and horrible examples that show just how ignorant you are about gaming culture. Maybe next time you can try to sound like an adult when you write and actually include evidence to back up what you're saying.

    P. S. I prefer the girl in the second picture.

    • But she's ugly!

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    • No its mainly the hair and eyes I tend to prefer girls with lighter hair color, also the first girl looks a bit too old for me considering I'm 18.

    • I have no idea how old she is, but she might be over 30. And even if she is who cares? She is stunning! I'd definitely bang her, instead of second one who looks like a brat playing games half of the day.

  • Oh great, another person on the internet finding more stupid reasons to bash video gamers and a certain gaming genre with non-factual points pulled out of his/her ass.


    (Oh and by the way, that 2nd girl, the realistic one isn't even ugly. I honestly don't see what you have against women with glasses.)

    • For me she's ugly. I really hate the fact that fucking glasses are trendy in our days, and being "nerd" is cool. Cool my ass.

    • Dude, nobody in the real world cares what you classify as "cool"(despite some of the backlash you're receiving here on your myTake). Most people wear glasses for better vision, not to make your dick hard and people (or the "nerds" you're referring to) just do what they enjoy as hobbies (playing video games) without giving a shit about what people like you think. Just because someone wears glasses, does not automatically make them a "nerd".

      You can believe whatever you want but don't go imposing your preachy douchebaggery crock of shit on other people just because you have hostility against people who either wears glasses or are "nerds" or are video gamers.

    • @AztecWarrior480
      Where is the "Paste on the universe" button here?

  • This is really immature, naive and based on 0 evidence. 45% of video gamers are women and there are girls from all walks of life. It doesn't mean most of them are ugly or that there are very few hot ones.
    As for your opinion on RPG genres it's just name calling and based on opinion. Saying they're less realistic, less manly and lazy are all just your own specific opinion. Which the manly part makes little sense because most people who play RPGs are men. So it clearly is manly.

    • 45%? What the fuck dude? Almost 50-50 with guys? No way!!!

      I'd say 10% at most.

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    • @Transigence You ignored the word "independent". If it was done by a video game company it was not independent and unbiased. It would be like getting a scientific study about the Vatican from a group of Catholics. Of course the study is going to be biased and imbalanced.
      And my original point still stands that this whole take is childish and has no basis in reality.

    • What video game company are you talking about?
      Ipsos MediaCT? https://www.ipsos.com/Ipsos_MediaCT
      Do they look like a video game company to you? They're fucking MARKETING RESEARCH SPECIALISTS.

      This is WHAT THEY DO. They are not IN the entertainment industry. They STUDY it.

      Seriously, you are being superfluously contrarian, for no reason other than trying to grapple with me intellectually. It just makes you look stupid.

      Look, make your claim, right now, that men and women are EVENLY represented in first person shooters and real-time strategies, and that there's no significant difference between playing Candy Crush for 4 hours per week and playing Call of Duty for 40 hours per week.

      If you can't make that claim, then back it up, it's because you know your position is bullshit. You're not just mistaken, you're BULLSHIT and you know it. And everyone who plays games (on either side of the fence) knows it.

      And I don't dispute any of your original claims.

  • Yeah, dude, if you wanna quit. Go ahead. Gaming here to stay. Period.

    • What do you earn from it? Money? Only if you are a pro.

    • As a gamer? Yeah. As a game developer? You need to encompass a LOT of programming languages. Its a worthy pursuit. Making games.

    • Video games are very good for the mind. Not just the nervous system, the actual MIND. Anything that has room for a good dialog has the potential to be mind-expanding. Puzzlers get the brain working laterally (and RPGs often have puzzles, albeit these days simple retarded "group" puzzles).

      Games develop hand-eye coordination as well as dexterity, which has come in very handy in kung fu (as has my practice in evaluating opponents tactically).

      I've had a LOT of philosophy dumped on me through video games (most stories are really just takes on the classics).

  • - It's the least realistic genre.

    So what? Having an imagination is bad? Do you not watch action movies or horror movies, either?

    - It makes guys less manly.

    Nikola Telsa and Isaac Newton were virgins, and they were "Alpha" as you can get... they changed the world. Granted, they didn't play video games, but the point stands. Ok, so you're telling us that to be "manly" you have to want to bone random women and treat them like pieces of meat? Yeah, NO.

    - It's the most lazy genre.

    RPGs often have puzzles. They have compelling stories, which is WHY people play them.

    - It consumes way more time than other genres.

    This may be true, but you might as well not play ANY video games if you're concerned about that. Manga? LMAO. I've been reading manga since you were born, and this point is completely ridiculous. There are countless genres of anime and manga. COUNTLESS. They have comics for businessmen, tennis players, GO players, you name it, they have it.

    The "actual gamer girl" you posted is hot. The woman above her? Too fake.

    Personally, I don't bother with consoles. My computer is a beast.

    • - Not much a movie person. I prefer music. Also I should mention music in RPG genres SUCKS. It's usually some shitty instrumental melodramatic music.
      - Well personally I look more highly to a person who gets laid a lot, than a scientist. Whether you like it or not. It's just my opinion.
      - I was born in 1991. Did you were reading them since then?
      - You dislike this chick, because you will never have her I guess. Right?

    • Show All
    • I would do a photoshot if I got paid... even if it's something that I dislike.

    • I don't see how this is relevant to why I would choose girl 2 over girl 1.

  • "Why we should stagnate imagination, crush fiction, abandon story telling... and hell, we should probably burn books while we're at it too just in case gamers, with games banned, turn to books as a source of a good story, all because I don't think men who play games are the alpha type, as I imagine it!"

    Get fucked, buddy.

  • I don't see the issue with guys wanting to have female friends just for the sake of friendship.

    I used to play video games a lot but stopped simply because I've become too busy with work school and extra curricular activities.

    • i think the real issue is that he's probably seen like 2 guys he knows get friendzoned for playing too much video games and reached the conclusion that playing video games will make you only want to have platonic relationships with girls

  • That's a big load of steamy crap. The only thing you got right is that games consumes time. The rest made no sense. You even went as far as repackaging stereotypes and try to make us believe they are the truth. There are all types of gamer girls. Some hot, some ugly. Both girls you showed look good.

    • But first chick looks better. I'd definitely ask her out.

      Second chick is ugly, and I'm going to prove it today when I'll make a poll. I'm not able to ask a question now, since I've reached my limit for today, but I'll do it when I can.

    • Show All
    • @MoreThanFriends 30? 100... or maybe 200.

    • @MoreThanFriends Too much of anything is bad or else, it would be said to be just enough...

  • "- It's the least realistic genre."

    How? Item and party management, and perma death, sound pretty realistic to me

    "Now let's discuss about why Gamers, or to put it better those who define themselves as Gamers, have less chances to get successful getting laid."

    Speak for yourself, nerd. I stay getting the pussy!! :D

  • I can agree that video games can be very addicting and time consuming. I don't own very many for that reason. But your examples are based mostly off of generalizations and negative stereotypes. Some gamers take very good care of themselves and don't allow their gaming life to take over their real life. Others lack discipline and goals, and allow video games to become the bane of their existence.

  • how the fuck does something that is a unharmfull hobby make shit bad in the long run

    • Unharmful?

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    • Many people have died after playing 36 hours or so, non-stop.

    • that's overplaying games, I'm on about normal use. people will also die from running 36 hours or so non stop so your point is invalid

  • I feel like my IQ dropped while reading this. You seem like a horny, salty guy who got rejected because of video games. I have several friends who game together for a couple hours most days in many online games of different genres, including RPG's.

    Most of us, have real jobs/careers and a family. We bathe regularly and hang out outside where we camp or play sports, barbeque and socialize, in whatever season we want.

    YOUR opinion of the second girl is not everyone else's, stop assuming you know what's even remotely attractive as you posted this under the guise of anonymous.

    • What a girl would assume if I told her I play games?

    • Show All
    • I was asking you. Do you honestly believe they like gamers? More or less they consider them gross.

    • I do just fine and so do my friends. A lot of hot women do like gamers.

  • Hopefully this is a joke lol. The only legitimate point was it takes up more time.

    Side note: ex girlfriend of mine played rpg's. She looked a lot like the first photo. She just didn't show off her tits xD.

    • Then she belongs to the 1% category.

    • Lol maybe so. She is one of the few I would date again

  • I can't tell if this is a joke or not.

    Also if your think RPG's "- It consumes way more time than other genres." then you've obviously never played a Survival sandbox or Turn based strategy game.

    • I would rather not.

  • RPGs teach you about the grind, Which you will need in the really real world.
    Nothing wrong with them, And your 'facts' are way more unrealistic than any game lol

    • Fantasy games and books are always shitty and way too unrealistic.

    • That's your personal opinion, And it only applies and really matters to you.

    • That's the point bro who wants to play a game that is realistic then playing game that is more fun that u never seen in life

  • This seems like a joke but it's so on the edge that I can't tell. I would pick the second girl every time for multiple reasons, wtf is wrong with you?

    • No problem. First chick is sexier.

    • Show All
    • I mean if that's what you're into then no judgement. Just sayin' I feel like most guys would have gone with glasses girl.

    • Personally I find glasses unappealing. And do you have any evidence first girl is a trans?

  • Dude, it is just a hobby. You can take any hobby too far. That doesn't make the hobby bad. It just means you need to learn to balance your priorities in life.

    I have met some women that take issue with gaming, and find it childish because it wasn't popular among adults when they were growing up. They are normally older women that simply grew up with a slightly different culture. Much like how old people always hate the music younger people play. Younger women however are far more accepting that gaming is something most guys are likely to enjoy, and aren't judgmental about it. There are even more and more female gamers every year.

    • Since you mentioned music... I'm 24 and I really hate 21st century music. It's a pain in the ears. Not only old people hate it.

    • Show All
    • @Slimshady2017 Actually 90% of the music I listen to is 80s music, ESPECIALLY from the first half of the decade (1980-1984). Or to put it even better 1977-1986, I would say is definitely my favorite period.

  • The girl in the second picture is cute. You do realize that while reading a book you are essentially doing the same thing as when playing an rpg. You are consumed in a world that doesn't exist.

    • I already mentioned about books somewhere too. And I never understood why man guys, call girls in glasses "cute". For me they are plainly ugly.

    • The glasses look good on her. I equate glasses with intellect and intellect is attractive. Mind you not all glasses wearing females are smart.

    • Glasses. Nah, glasses are equivalent with bookwormness for me.

  • I guess I shouldn't read books, either. For they are not realistic and time consuming. I will try to mend my ways :/

    • I mentioned about books too. Unless if we are talking about cooking books for example, which are useful and realistic... fantasy books and such shit are definitely not.

    • Show All
    • Do share the wonderful revelation you just had.

    • Eh?


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