Why Console Gaming Is The Worst Form Of Entertainment

No, I am not "Glorious PC Master Race". I don’t do PC Gaming either. But computer is a multitool, unlike a console which is just a video-game system, hench it wins.

Why Console Gaming Is The Worst Form Of Entertainment

The #1 Reason is, it makes you sit on the same place. Unlike portable video-games and mobile flash games/applications, you are forced to sit on your chair and don’t go anywhere else.

Another good reason is, they develop some form of depression. Although you get carried away if you play for some certain amount of time, once you turn off your console you really feel empty. I don’t know whether emptiness or depression is the correct word, but it feels like being somewhere between those two.

They also make you want to stay at home more. You cannot put your console in your pocket and play it on the road. You must be THERE.

And of course it boosts your shyness. This is a good explanation, why as a kid I was really shy. I was waiting till the school is over, so I can go back home and continue my gaming.

Last but not least, will you take back the time and money you spent for this hobby once you regret it? Unfortunately it will never happen.

Ultimately, the console gaming, is scaring me. I don’t want to touch any, because I’m afraid I might fell into the trap, and be what I don’t want to be.


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  • I'm pretty sure most consoles have Netflix and cable provider apps etc now too so it's not just for gaming


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