Video Game Addiction

I couldn't find a job after high school and became a complete loser. I stayed home all day and played first person shooter games while neglecting my health. I lost 15lbs from my inactivity and lack of exercise. I spent at least 500 hours playing various battlefeild games from early June to late August. It was pretty bad.

I quit online gaming gradually over the course of a month, September to October. I had legitimate withdrawal symptoms (insomnia anxiety stomach aches) for about a week. I started college in September 2015, got a job in October and now in March I almost feel like a reponsible adult who barely ever touches a video game.

To this day I keep the battlefield statistics tracking app on my phone so I can brag about my dumbass stats KDR WL and I will probably repeat the cycle this upcoming summer because I am an idiot. Video game addiction


Video games can be addictive so enjoy them in moderation. Do not try to fill the void of your soul with a high W/LR or KDR because it doesn't mean anything. The high will fade and you will hunger for more, never being truly satisfied and always comparing yourself to someone else.

I'm still going to keep the stat tracking app on my phone though because I whooped ass but I should have been learning something usefull with that time. I could have learned how to juggle or something.

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  • It's best to enjoy these things in moderation. As you should apply this to everything in your life.

    I hope your able to have enough will power to get you through the summer. Maybe during the summer never let yourself play any kind of game until after 2-3pm. So before then try and get as many productive things as you can do.


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