Toad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All Time

Hello my fellow GAGer's this is your favorite Toad reporting to you my top 10 favorite video games I have ever played in my life.

This is a personal list, and i guarantee you this list will not be the same as most peoples you see. I been gaming since I was 3 or so wayyyy back on the Atari 2600. Across these 3 decades there have been a lot of games that have made a heavy impact on me and made me appreciate this medium and why i still am a gamer today.

How I comprised this list

The titles i chose to be on this list fall into the following criteria

- I spent a huuuuge amount of time investment into it

- The game was all around fun

- I spent time thinking about the game AWAY from the game

- It made a huge impact on me i.e. memories, inspiration etc

So without further adieu let's get on with the list starting with...

10. Final Fantasy XI for Ps2Toad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All Time

This was my first official entry into the MMORPG genre and man what a time I had when i first got it on the Playstation 2. I spent so many hours crafting my way up as a Red Mage. I made a ton of friends and the feels i get whenever i listen to the music always brings me back to when i played it. I quit it around 2008 to join WoW, but FFXI to me will always be special for the time and place it holds in my life.

9. Twisted Metal 2 for PS1

Toad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All TimeOnce upon a time ago when the Playstation 1 had come out and making its legendary mark on the scene there was a new popular genre called Vehicular Combat. the first Twisted Metal spearheaded this genre and I fell in love with it from the beginning. But it was the 2nd game Twisted Metal 2 that made the biggest impact on me. It had so many different vehicles like a Formula race car or a Bulldozer, let you blow up famous monuments like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. I spent a number of days back when it came out just beating the computer and also facing off against friends whenever they came over. Lots of sweet memories playing this one. My character by the way was Outlaw 2.

8. Mega Man 2 for NES

Toad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All Time

I was maybe 5 years old when I first got my hands on Mega Man 2. And from then on I was HOOKED on this game series. anytime a new game came out I just had to get one. But what made this game so special was that it was one of the first games I ever beat on my own. All the different robot masters i thought looked cool and the powers you get made it fun. The music is some of the best you'll ever hear in a video game as well.

7. The Legend of Zelda for NESToad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All Time

Now if you are a Zelda fan you are probably wondering why not Ocarina of Time or a Link to the Past. While those were both very good and I especially loved Link to the Past a lot, the very first Zelda i feel made the bigger impact on me. I had to be maybe 4-5 years old at the time when I first played this or watched my older bro play it. It was soooo cool how you could literally go anywhere you wanted in this world. All the different items you could pick up. I remember even pretending to be Link gathering a bunch of items around my house lol. Yes this one is very special to me.

6. Civilization II for PC

Toad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All Time

Here's one for you PC lovers. I spent hours upon hours on Civilization II. It was very special in that it kind of cemented my love for history at the time. It had this thing called the Civilopedia which let you read about the various Technologies, nations, and other things in the game. It somewhat inspired me to learn more about history and to even think about becoming a history major. I get goosebumps evertime I hear the music themes for this one. they take me back to those days coming home from school and just playing this game forever... well before having to do homework anyways. :/

5. Final Fantasy II for SNES

Toad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All Time

Another Final Fantasy, but this one is special in that it established my love for the RPG genre. I rented this game over and over again from our video store. I couldn't get enough of it. the story and characters enthralled me. I remember pretending to be Tellah at school casting black magic lol. I think I even wrote a story for a school assignment based on the story of this game. The memories playing this at the time have stayed with me and i get chills every time I hear the Prelude from it.

4. Heroes of Might and Magic III for PC

Toad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All Time

here's another game for you PC lovers. Heroes of Might and Magic III or simply Heroes III, was a game I spent an ungodly amount of time on. gave up maybe a year to play this game. It is just sooo addicting. you can play as one of 9 different factions each with different mythological creatures and castles. You get so addicted perfecting your army and building your fort that the time just slips right by you easily. This game also established my love for Mythological creatures too.

3. Super Smash Bros series for various Nintendo platforms

Toad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All Time

So I'm cheating a bit here, but this series has been so consistent with making me nerdgasm that i couldn't just pick one. I've spent so many hours on these games its pretty ridiculous. I love all the characters, the stages, the music. These were the only fighting games I could actually be decent at and not get my ass completely wrecked lol. The N64 one probably sticks with me the most as it is where it all started, but all these games have made a pretty big impact on me. My characters now are Samus, Pac-man and Mega Man by the way. :P

2. Super Metroid for SNES

Toad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All Time

Ah Super Metroid. Now this is a game that made me really love games. It was so awesome the way you could upgrade your suit and weapons that you are thrust into this world for you to explore. The feeling of being alone on this alien world was a very impact feeling. The controls were very tight and fun to play with. I just couldn't get enough of this game. I don't know how many times I've gone back to replay it. I'd beat it under 3 hours every time and get to see sexy Samus under her armor. ;)

1. Final Fantasy Tactics for Ps1

Toad-1's Personal Top Ten Video Games of All Time

And finally here we are at #1. Final Fantasy Tactics was a game I was in LOVE with. I loved every aspect of this game. I had to have given up maybe 2 years playing this game over and over again. I loved the story, the characters, the way you could customize each unit into your own liking. The way it made you think about how to attack during encounters. and the Music.... oh man the music from this game is my all time favorite. It inspired my imagination. I still have not yet found a game that will de-throne this one for me. It really is a fantastic game.

Honorable Mentions

Sim City 3000 (pc)
Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past (snes)
Final Fantasy III (vi) (snes)
Super Mario Kart (snes)
Castlevania Symphony of the Night (ps1)
Mega Man X (snes)
Earthbound (snes)
Chrono Trigger (snes)
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (xbox 360)
Warcraft II (pc)
Grand Theft Auto Vice City (ps2)
Suikoden II (ps1)
Resident Evil Remake (gamecube)
Secret of Mana (snes)
Arcana (snes)
Super Mario World (snes)
The Sims (pc)
Kings Quest V (pc)
Shadowgate (nes)

In conclusion

Hope you enjoyed my list and don't be sad if your favorite isn't on here.. just remember this is my list and if you got your top ten then tell us! Games still make an impact on me and will continue to do so. I will be loyal to this medium until the day I die.

Thanks for reading! :D


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  • So you really love retro games? :P

    • lol you call em retro. they were brand new when i was playing them :P

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    • Well i still get into newer games too. Like Witcher 3 as you know. really like that one :)

      Still can't wait to finally try out that new Zelda when it comes out. It looks like it might harken back to the old zeldas where you get to go where you want and discover things on your own. :P

    • I can't wait to see what the new NX will be like. I really hope it kicks both xbox and play stations ass.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Dude, I won't fit this much detail in, but I'll try. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!

    1. GTA San Andreas (Xbox or PC). GTA V is great and all, but San Andreas has more countryside, more desert, the Vegas strip, drivable trains, drivable hovercraft, tons of plans, gang wars, amphibious helicopters, a working airline, the fatness and muscle meters, proper girlfriends, A NUMBAH FIVE WITH EXTRA DIP... there is so much to do.

    2. Transport Tycoon (PC). No Tycoon game, before or since, has matched this. Railroad Tycoon is too arbitrary. Here you need to build real, functional railways that actually can accomodate the trains you want to run. You need to place platforms, signals, maintenance depots... replace that level crossing with a bridge or you risk your trucks getting hit. The open-source community edition OpenTTD has increased the options open to you ten-fold, and you can build huge, elaborate networks and route cargo from truck to train to ship and back again to transport it realistically across the world.

    3. Minecraft (PC). Again, this is a game where the only limit is your imagination. I don't think it needs much introduction, but I will say this: my friends and I built a huge city. I built a huge rail network powered by a central redstone power plant to power it. I also built a secret underground research base that none of them have found, yet. Feed the Beast mods ftw.

    4. Gears of War series (Xbox 360). Superbly paced, tons of fun. The story mode provides co-op thrills but the real fun is in the Horde mode introduced in GoW2, expanded in GoW3 and copied by many other games since. Fending off a mass of enemies and trying to survive to the end of the round is a real test of teamwork and provides more of those 'emergent gameplay' moments than

    5. Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast). Best JRPG I've ever played. A great story, varied world, fun characters, and ship to ship battles! Oh, and a soundtrack to die for! Highly recommended (it's for Gamecube too)

    I've just about run out of space, more when I think of them.


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  • Absolutely love your number 1. Finally someone who understands Final Fantasy Tactics.

    My desktop background now is actually this. :DD

    I didn't just play FF Tactics, I lived with FF Tactics. Whenever I ended a game I went back to it. Most people who play FF always just mention VI when they talk about older very good FF games. Tactics is always a little overlooked for being a little different. It wasn't just a game, it was a masterpiece. I just can't tell you about the amount of time I spent playing it as a child, and the more amount of time I spent thinking and dreaming about it. So many years and it's still so alive in my mind.

    This is still one of the themes I listen to whenever I want inspiration. It makes me feel like I'm riding a chocobo into an epic battle. :DD

    Just absolutely love that choice man, love it. FF Tactics is on the same level as Diablo 2 and Fallout 1 for me. Masterpiece level.

    • Yes to me Tactics was an experience! i'll always cherish it

  • I'm so glad you have Final Fantasy XI and the original Legend of Zelda here. I used to play the shit out of those games. I like the rest of the stuff here too. Good list :D

  • Thanks for my new future "to play" list :P

    It's funny you have the FF games I haven't played yet on your list and I'm actually kind of surprised you didn't mention VII at all, I feel like everyone I know obsesses over that one.

    • oh yes i know. both FFII and III i felt were the better games... but thats just my opinion :P

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    • X was cool, i have XII and never played X-2.

    • I like X-2, it's the same place and most of the same people as X. And Yuna goes from a good girl to a gun wielding badass (kinda). And you can change everyone's jobs which is nice.

  • No Pokémon :,(

    My heart, she hurts. Lol jk. I could never really get into FF, please don't hate me! :(
    What's your favorite system, or are you PCMR? Lol

    • Lol i only ever played tge first gen pokemon really. :p

    • Favorite system would be snes. And nah im not of the pcmr crowd :p

  • Congratulations on your 2nd mytake toto! HAHA (the first one being about your collection)! I can see you enjoy writing about it! And it's cool to see.. Keep up the good work :)

  • I like Mario and luigi super smash bros :)

  • Nice list :P Civilisation is probably my favourite game from on there, I just wish I could get the games to work on my windows 10.

  • you have some awesome games listed and I loved playing them

  • Cool games, very good myTake.

  • Nice list! 😊

  • Have you ever played Paperboy?

  • haha I feel like a fish out of water here xD


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