Have You Ever Tried? A Poem

This is just a poem that is food for thought. Feel free to interpret it anyway you want.Have you ever tried?

We share the same table

We share the same floor

We even go to the same store

But you are not welcomed here anymore

Your skin is too white

You can not be here because you are black

Go back to your country because real Americans do not look like that!

Are you illegal?

Because I see your last name

Are you a terrorist?

Because our religion is not the same

Oh I see, you are just a good Anglo Saxon, but one of your relatives may shoot up my school

You are all thugs

You speak English really well

Oh you grew up in my neighborhood

But you look different so I could never tell!

You look too aggressive

Your ancestors will never be proud

I'm a real American because I'm white, Christian and proud

I think I have a solution

We have a problem

Lets solve it

Wake up and try this today

And let's resolve it

Have you tried not having dark brown skin?

Change your skull type

Have you ever tried not having a foreign accent?

Why can't you lose it overnight?

Have you ever tried not celebrating your culture?

And pretend you don't care?

Have you ever tried not being asian?

I mean just widen your eyes

You already sound American

Have you ever tried not being latina?

By drawing some American parents?

Have you ever tried not being white?

And deleting your European heritage?

Have you ever tried not being gay?

You don't belong

Have you tried not being a woman?

Then you will be strong.

Have you tried not being a man?

By cutting off your own dick?

Have you ever tried to be ill

And not get sick of it?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • one of my ordinary poems. what a pretty Poem isn't it 😎
    Aysel is a female name.

    Aysel, go away, I'm not suitable for you.
    I sense that my death will be sudden.
    Besides I am terrible, dark and a little ugly.
    Aysel, go away, I don't want you.

    In my rain you cannot wander, you will grow cold.
    My nights will scatter your blondness.
    If you sleep in my sleep, how scared you will be.
    You cannot live in any of my moments.
    Aysel, go away, I'm not suitable for you.
    Don't dirty your brightness for me.
    Besides I am terrible, dark and a little ugly.

    If you try on my whistle, you will drop it immediately.
    My eyes will speed up your solitude.
    My trains will take you to the wrong cities.
    You will either win the mastery of death
    Or succeed in gathering fear.
    My pains will come to you amply.
    In no way my joy will look like yours.
    Aysel, go away, I'm not suitable for you.
    Please understand my hopelessness at least.
    Besides I am terrible, dark and a little ugly.

    The moment I am happy, you will feel pain,
    For you did not hear the humming of autumn
    And from inside you a ship did not set sail and go
    To the far-off lonely ports.
    I am a contrary wanderer, the world is wide.
    Inside me a giant ear is ringing.
    My complicated journey has become clear.
    Never bring another thing to your mind.
    Aysel, go away, I'm not suitable for you.
    I sense that my death will be sudden.
    Besides I am terrible, dark and a little ugly.
    Aysel, go away, I love you.

    • thank you :-) but it is not mine. if I am someone who can write a poem like this, what is my work here. and I could not write like yours 👍

Most Helpful Girl

  • Beautifully Said and Oh, so True, @ikissedtheskyonce...
    I wish it could be a "Perfect World" myself, where we could All Love one another, Trust each other and just be All of God's children in One Big Happy Melting Pot of A Lot.
    Good luck and Thank you for Caring and sharing. xx

    • *I have written many many Poes all of my Life, and Won Third Place for "Our World" which was Put in the Cultural Performance Center, Upstate, New York one year, dear.. Three pages long... xx

    • That is pretty cool

    • Yes, sweetie, it is, and nice to share with someone who cares.. Thank you for the Like. xxoo

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What Guys Said 4

  • 100/10 mind blowing ! Heart blowing... Awesome 😚😚👍

  • I thought about writing poems but I don't understand haiku or whatever Japanese poetry they teach at my school.

  • Yes I writes quotes..
    And poem sometimes
    And yours was pretty good by the way

  • the micro aggression how horrible


What Girls Said 3

  • This was a great read :) This is kinda new to me because I haven't seen lines in poems that ask questions like yours do.
    Keep writing poems. You're good with them

  • I love your poem. You've encapsulated a lot of the feelings, i went through.

    People want to stay in a box but not know what else is out there. They hang on to the past of how things were that can't help them to survive in the long run.

  • Easy to understand and well written. A+ for content!