5 Most Horrible Children's TV Series

I have been thinking about those very weird children's cartoons and how they traumatized many children. I wanna list a few of them here and see how you react to them. Maybe you have seen some of these already, some maybe not.

If you remember a really awful cartoon/series from your childhood, feel free to share it here!

Here is a list of those I remember:


This was the worst when I was little, and now they actually have a group on Facebook called "Morso trauma". The Morso is the awful pink rat/man-looking animal.


This cartoon was designed to be a children's horror-series. But why make horror for kids?


I really loved Pingu, but this nightmare-walrus was a little shocking.


This is a scenes from the Moomins, which is a series I also loved. But apparently there were quite scary parts in it too.


Tom and Jerry was also one of the best series but this went a little overboard...

There is a long list of weird series, even weirdest than this one. For example Alice in wonderland was written by a pedophile, or at least so it seems. Read about it here

I always hated the old black-and-white movie version our teacher made us watch in school. It was creepy like a nightmare. The new versions isn't as bad.

There was also this The Animals of Farthing Wood - series which was apparently very raw and kinda scary. But I don't remember it well enough to say it was scary. It was realistic at least. And maybe that is why it was found scary...

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  • Well that Tom and Jerry episode was the absolute last one, so its depression-induce suicide isn't as bad as it could have been if they injected it in the middle of its lifespan


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  • You forgot caillou, while its not traumatizing he is a horrible influence.

    • I just remember the intro song... 😂 then I remember he was annoying.

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  • Thankfully I haven't seen any of these. But the Tom and Jerry one feels familiar haha

  • Some traumatizing children's cartoons are watershed down and plague dogs.

  • I agree about Pingu, but I haven't seen the others.

  • Courage the Cowardly Dog... wow and good list!

  • Omg pingu. I faintly remember it.


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    • Thanks for the mention.

      Caillou is a whiner, a bad influence, a rebel without a cause, he defies authority, his parents enable him, and he throws temper tantrums to express his anger. You can google parents who hate caillou and you will see parents rant on and on about him. The little brat makes me want to rip out my ovaries.

    • @ginny_weasley Yesterday I was so surprised by what you said that I watched an hour long Caillou special on Youtube. The family grilled burgers, went camping, took a cat to the vet, enjoyed astronomy and used chopsticks. But I didn't see anything bad, though I kept waiting for it.

      I'll look up some of these comments.

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