Why Playing the Piano Sucks: Perspective from a Dedicated Player

Why Playing the Piano Sucks: Perspective from a Dedicated Player

Everybody loves a good pianist. And as a pianist, I can tell you that we know how much you love us. It's such a good feeling to have everybody watching you in awe as somehow my fingers 'magically' hit a million keys.

As a piano player of 10 years I find myself qualified to share with you why mastering the piano sucks.

1) Most of our work goes unnoticed

I can't even begin to explain all of the small things a good pianist will do, that no one will ever notice but themselves. All of the dynamics of the song has been considered several times, and changed several times. We're forced to either conform to the set tempo of the song, or be daring and create our own. We will work out tough sections of a song by playing the same 2 seconds, hundreds of times in a row.

2) It's a complicated instrument

Now stop, I already see the comments coming in. I'm not saying that it's the most difficult instrument, I'm just suggesting that it's significantly harder to master than... other instruments which will go unnamed. To any critics, I'd like you to just look at someone's fingers when they're playing, and look at their hands and how they jump across the piano. Tell me that wasn't impressive. But the truth is it takes so much practice to get these quick and precise moments consistently.

Why Playing the Piano Sucks: Perspective from a Dedicated Player

3) A good piano is EXPENSIVE

While keyboards can price anywhere between $50 to $5000, A real piano is gonna hurt your wallet. A Grand piano can cost you anywhere from $10,000 to - heck you can pay anything for a piano. Not only is that a massive price for an instrument, but you're gonna have to get that tuned at least once a year, costing another $100.

4) You almost never get a chance to play for people

This one is by far the greatest reason as to why playing the piano sucks. Have you ever just been walking down the street and see a piano waiting for someone to play it? If you have please tell me. YOU CAN'T FIND PIANOS TO PLAY ANYWHERE. Look. All I want to do is to be able to sit down, play some of my romantic classical pieces, and have cute girls all over me, is that too much to ask for? I feel that guitarists have life so good, they can take their instrument anywhere and serenade girls on the go.

The only chance I'm gonna get to play for a girl is by inviting her over to my house, which chances are if she's willing to come over she already has a thing for me. I want to be able to hook a girl with my talent, and then make her fall in love with me later... Worst of all is when you finally see a piano in public, but it's just a SHOW PIANO. Okay someone tell me, what is the point of having a $30,000 instrument if you're never gonna have anyone play it? That sounds like torture to me, because it is torture. They're literally dangling a mouse in front of a snake. It just hurts my soul to spend hours upon hours slaving away, perfecting song after song, and not have the chance to demonstrate my talents when I please.

Why Playing the Piano Sucks: Perspective from a Dedicated Player

The silver lining

Though I have my differences with the piano, I know it has helped form the disciplined person I am today. I've gained a hard work ethic and a persistent attitude about things. When I just started learning piano, it was hard to not get dejected by all the other pianists who where seemingly lifetimes ahead of me in skill. But while practicing "Ode to Joy" I knew that one day I could learn any song that I wanted to as long as I stay committed.

So I did, and 10 years later I'm reaping the benefits from the years of pain I went through as a beginner. So go out and learn an instrument, it'll do great things to you - just maybe don't pick the piano.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I LOVED this! I would give it 11 stars out of 10 if I could! This is the greatest myTake ever written!!!
    It was like you were there with me! LOL!!!
    I went to school on a music scholarship and yes piano was my gift. It's an blessing and a curse. I love it and loathe it.
    Thank you! I'm going to read and re-read this over and over!!!

    • Hell no. Both of you are wrong. It's the most crucial instrument in today's music world. I'm a guitarist song writer and would kill to be able to master the piano. All those sounds and notes you hear in the background of songs all come from piano. Even rock bands are now using those guitar/piano things. I would advise every Muso to learn the piano to some degree.

    • @Scrambledagain Ahaha I understand your opinion, but I created this my take specifically to resonate with pianists. We don't actually dislike the instrument- and I'd never trade my talent for anything else.

What Guys Said 2

  • Well, I sure as hell appreciate it. I appreciate it all the more in a world where real music talent seems to be disappearing at a shocking rate, and it'll continue to disappear the more our so-called "progressive" society refuses to prioritize it.

    I have a lot of piano music that often pops up on Pandora. My cousin is actually one of the most accomplished young players in the country; he's going to college in the fall for both music and law. He was actually one of a handful to be selected to play at Carnegie Hall over the Thanksgiving break last year. :)

  • Coming from a pianist who has also played for ten years, I find every bit of this mytake so relatable, and written very well. Hopefully, more opportunities for pianists pop up in the future... Best of luck my friend!


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