Noxifer's Weekly Top 10 Video Games: #7 Revealed

Disclaimer: Obviously all of this is my own opinion. Feel free to disagree.

Welcome, Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in-between! This is the third time I'll be talking about what I consider to be the greatest videogames of all time, and also explaining the reasoning behind my choices.

Without further ado, let's begin with this week's chosen one:

Etrian Odyssey Saga:

Noxifer's Weekly Top 10 Video Games: #7 Revealed

It's first game having been released in the year 2007 by Atlus, this Saga exemplifies the best and the worst of the dungeon crawler genre.

The story is the same for all 4 games: You're a bunch of explorers who venture in an unknown and mysterious labyrinth always related to a great tree known as Yggdrassil.

Now, you may think something like that would give off a redundant and boring game, right? And yet, this serves a specific purpose, which is to let your imagination do the job by thinking backstories for your self-made characters.

Like every game Atlus makes, it is insanely retro and also insanely hard.

Why is it ranked 7th?

Now, the character building is not the main part of the game. The exploring is. The game has a really impressive mechanic where you draw your own map, which makes it incredibly rewarding to reach a new floor and begin mapping everything out.

Noxifer's Weekly Top 10 Video Games: #7 Revealed

All of that made by you.

This might just be personal preference, but there's something very exciting in seeing new places and being the first to reach them, and this game allows you to feel that way every time you reach another floor.

Additionally, as with all RPGs the game has music that will make you shit bricks:

That melody just makes you wanna kill monsters, doesn't it?

However, it has its shortcomings.

Mainly, it is too hard. Like, unfairly hard. The monsters are incredibly strong, the levels are sometimes impossible to traverse without backtracking and you will always be in short supply of healing items and abilities.

Also, it's the same thing. With every game. No, seriously, the only thing that changes is the available classes, character names and level layout. And you have to do the exact same thing. Map floor, find exit, repeat.

Anyways, that's all I've got for this week, and yes, it's shorter and lower quality than usual, but hey guys, forgive me just this once, I didn't have internet for a month and probably lost my "touch" :P

See you next week, where we'll be looking at a demon hunting albino!


Most Helpful Girl

  • The second I saw the picture I immediately came to the mytake. :D I loved it when I played Etrian Odyssey Untold: The millennium girl. ^^

    • Have you played both story mode and classic mode or just story mode?

    • Show All
    • At the moment i have highlander, medic, gunner, alchemist, and hexer. Though I don't know if thats a good team, I'm just experimenting atm.

    • I see.
      Good luck!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Never played this but speaking of RPGs, I'm currently playing I Am Setsuna and LOVING it.

    When they said it was the spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger, I was skeptical and while it's really nowhere near as good as CT (or Chrono Cross), it's still a full-fledged, wonderfully traditional turn-based RPG the likes of which we NEVER see anymore. :)

    • It sounds good, and it does remind me of Chrono Trigger, but this year I think I'm going to buy XCOM 2.

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