Noxifer's Weekly Top 10 Video Games: #8 Revealed

Disclaimer: Obviously all of this is my own opinion. Feel free to disagree.

Welcome, Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in-between! This is the third time I'll be talking about what I consider to be the greatest videogames of all time, and also explaining the reasoning behind my choices.

Without further ado, let's begin with this week's chosen one:

Command & Conquer Saga

Noxifer's Weekly Top 10 Video Games: #8 RevealedMade by 4 different studios and published by Electronic Arts, Virgin Interactive, Sega AND Nintendo all the way from 199-freakin'-5 until 2012, this game was one of the very first Real Time Strategy videogames ever made.

There are multiple storylines to this game, but I'm going to go over the main three real quick so as not to bore you. If you really want to know more, go to their wikipedia page (

The first one is the "Tiberium continuity". In this, an alien mineral called "Tiberium" (duh) crashes on Earth, and suddenly everyone wants it like Charlie Sheen wants his white magic. There is the Brotherhood of Nod, an ancient secret society obssessed with scorpions, the ancient egyptians and destroying the world, cause they're douches like that.

Then there's the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), who are your rank-and-file "good guys", protecting humanity from people dressed in dark clothes one massive war at a time. Finally, there are the Scrin. The Scrin are bug-like aliens who actually NEED Tiberium to survive, making Charlie Sheen jokes way too easy to pull off how to give them any value. They came to Earth to harvest all of its Tiberium and kill anyone in the way, cause again, they're douches like that.

Second comes "Red Alert continuity". In this alternate timeline, the Cold War suddenly got a lot hotter and the Allies and the Soviets are giving it their all, with the Allies having Einstein build them time machines and artificial lightning weapons in the 1950's while the Soviets were busying themselves creating cyborgs, tanks that can produce earthquakes and mind-controlling machines.

It gets even crazier when a Soviet mind-controller called Yuri goes rogue and decides that he's going to be a massive douche too, so he tries not only to mind control the world, he also creates mutants, people who shoot flames out of their hands and tanks with huge brains on them. But halt! It gets even MORE CRAZY. The Soviets choose to eliminate the Allies' time-traveling gimmicks by going back in time themselves and killing Albert Einstein. Apparently, no Einstein = No atomic bomb, so Japan has become a massive imperialistic superpower capable of building...this:
Noxifer's Weekly Top 10 Video Games: #8 Revealed Don't you suddenly want to play this game?

Last (and in my opinion least) is the "Generals continuity". Which is in essence a game about the USA fighting a fictional version of ISIS and a really communist China. No, really, it's just that. Look it up.

Why is it ranked 8th?

All of you are like "What the fuck Noxifer? The last two were action-based and now you give us this slow-paced RTS BS?".

Hold your horses. Did you read what I wrote up there?

Tanks. With. Brains. On. Them.

Noxifer's Weekly Top 10 Video Games: #8 Revealed

That not enough for you? Okay, how about Japanese robots with giant laser glaives?

Noxifer's Weekly Top 10 Video Games: #8 RevealedDo you want something even more over the top? How about a GIANT MECHA WALKER THAT SHOOTS LASERS?

Noxifer's Weekly Top 10 Video Games: #8 Revealed ...and flames, and bullets, and rockets, and a forcefield of PURE RAGE. Literally.

I mean, what's not to like about this series? Sure, they have a rather niche target audience, but otherwise they're really good games. Gameplay is very comfortable and strategic, just like a RTS should be. Like I've mentioned before, several of the units in the saga are just blatantly awe-inspiring, and what's best, you can often crush lesser vehicles with them. Just imagine how good it must feel to see that metallic beast trampling a smaller tank.

Also, the music is just priceless.

This should have been the anthem of the Soviet Union.

What are the flaws of the games then?

The campaigns are dull in several cases, even the most interesting ones have some episodes that are really boring. Additionally, the process of building bases, deploying troops, repeat could get potentially boring.

On the bright side, however, despite being always sexualized to the extreme, there are plenty of kickass female characters in this saga!

Anyways, that was all for this week, and I hope to see you next week, where we'll look at a game you will probably have already heard plenty about!

See you next time!


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  • Never liked RTS though I understood its appeal. No, I was more a TBS guy... it's why Final Fantasy Tactics is still my favorite game of all time. ;) Though my tastes have expanded over the years, of course, to the point where I'd say franchises like Uncharted, Assassin's Great, GTA, Gran Turismo, and God of War are some of my favorites ever.

    • To be honest, I was kinda afraid the celebrity jokes would get me banned at first :P

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