8 Reasons Why You Should Give K-Pop a Chance

Interesting Music Videos

A lot of k-pop includes a lot of colors, entertaining dances, interesting outfits, and cool hairstyles in their music videos that make them really entertaining to watch.

Of course, if that's not your style, there are still more calm music videos with less color and uniform outfits and hairstyles.


This first video is a dance practice for a fairly new BTS song. It has over 9 million views because it is entertaining to watch for it's super complicated choreography. Yet they manage to get each move perfect because of their never ending dedication.

This second video is another example of dance in k-pop. It is Catallena by Orange Caramel (a subgroup of After School). K-pop isn't just dances that are hard dances that are nice to watch, but choreographies that are fun and easy to dance to. This video has over 13 million views.

Beautiful People

The woman wearing a white shirt and black leggings in the Catallena video above is considered the most beautiful woman in the world by TC Candler's 'The 100 Most Beautiful Faces' for a couple years now.

Nana of After School:

8 Reasons Why You Should Give K-Pop a Chance

Yoona of Girl's Generation is also well known for her good looks in and out of Korea.

8 Reasons Why You Should Give K-Pop a Chance

A lot of people like to constantly remind us that k-pop stars get plastic surgery. But does that make them any less beautiful? There are also a ton of natural idols like the ones below:

V of BTS:

8 Reasons Why You Should Give K-Pop a Chance

Hani of EXID:

8 Reasons Why You Should Give K-Pop a Chance

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Whatever you are looking for in a concept, anything from crazy to cute to sexy, k-pop has it. Each video is a new concept.

This can include:

-life guard concept (AOA/ Good Luck)

-job concept (BTS/ Dope)

-movie concept (TWICE/ Cheer up)

-cheerleader concept (SNSD/ Oh)

-summer concept (Apink/ Remember)

-fantasy concept (Liar Liar/ Oh My Girl)

-crime concept (AOA/ Like a Cat)

And there are so many more! Each group can stick to the same kind of concept or play around with different concepts in each new video. A lot of people seem to think k-pop is either:

a) just trying to be cute

b) oversexualized females

c) psy

But it's so much more!

Variety and Reality Shows

Shows like Weekly Idol, After School Club, and Beatles Code are all shows that idol groups have been on and will probably go on after they make a comeback. These shows are super fun to watch because the groups plays ridiculous games or have ridiculous competitions. After School Club already has English subtitles and you get to hear the idol trying to speak English.

On top of that, many groups have their own reality show. Whether it follows their everyday lives (EXO showtime) or a special adventure (BTS American Hustle Life), you can usually find at least one reality show for every popular idol group.

As well, there are other shows like "We Got Married" or "Roommate" where you can watch your favorite idols or discover new ones.

As well as those, there is SNL Korea:

Even if you aren't a fan of the group these shows are usually really fun to watch and you often learn more about your favorite idols through them.

Funny and Cute Moments

While some idols deeply care about their image and will not do ridiculous things... most will.

(on weekly idol) (this is my favorite video on the internet thank you very much)

And there are obviously so many more funny and cute moments from these (and other groups) that I've missed.


When you become a fan of k-pop (but especially BTS) you are entering a family. Fans of BTS are called ARMYs and even in non k-pop videos, if you scroll down far enough, you'll see someone with a member as their icon or even a comment about BTS. These kind of comments are especially prominent in videos that say "BTS" meaning "Behind the Scenes" or "Back to School". No matter what fandom you're in though, you can find funny and cute fan made videos. These videos include:

1. Try not laugh

2. Try not to fangirl/fanboy

3. Funny moments

4. Cute moments

5. Reasons to love/stan (stan stands for stalk + fan) *insert name*

6. Compilation of *insert name of an idol and something they do often*

As well as those, you can watch fan reaction videos. The most popular/ my favorite are:



Steven Deng


They're mostly being silly so skip to 2:00 if you want to see what I'm talking about. (They're doing freestyle, so they didn't plan this before)

So, to summarize, maybe you should give k-pop a chance because:

-it's fun to watch

-it's catchy

-you get to know the idols you support through shows

-they're funny and cute

-you're joining one large family

-everyone is talented

Please give k-pop a shot! Just because you've watched one video, doesn't mean you dislike all of it.

8 Reasons Why You Should Give K-Pop a Chance


Most Helpful Guy

  • i already listened to some kpop. Mainly the hip hop, one like from Taeyang and G dragon.. What i really marvel about kpop are the dancing though, they do incredible choreography


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you should have mentioned the most important point: quality music. Personally, I don't consider the most promoted songs and groups to be the best. There are great Korean R&B songs and artists who should be getting more recognition than the Pop singers like SNSD, because REAL R&B has pretty much died everywhere else in the world, while we hear Pop anywhere we go. Glad you mentioned talent, because K-pop artists are currently the most trained and talented young musicians in the world.

    P. S. BTS IS AMAZIINNNGGG. We definitely do not have that kind of talent anywhere else in the world.

    • BTS needs to go GLOBAL.

    • I know, right? BTS has amazing vocals, visuals, dancers, AND amazing personalities! They are already so popular worldwide but they still deserve more recognition for their hard work and natural talent.

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What Guys Said 1

  • None of them apply to me. What I look for is good music, K-pop is not that for me

    • There are so many different types of songs in k-pop, there is bound to be something you like if you give it a try.

    • Also, the point of this article was to state the reasons, in addition to catchy songs, why you should give k-pop a try. These things are what make them different from American pop music.

    • I don't enjoy all American pop music, just specific parts of it. Kpop seems to be a genre rather than a country's music.

What Girls Said 4

  • Sure, but what about those who're just looking for a good listen?
    Quality music?

    So disregarding the videos, the looks, the fame, the crowds... just audiably - what Korean artists would you recommend?

    • Oops! I forgot to put that in :P Well, the first song on the list, "I Got a Boy" by Girl's Generation, is the most popular k-pop song that is not by psy. You should try that one. But other than that, what kind of music do you like? Hip hop, rock, cutesy music?

    • Show All
    • I heard Pray, it was really good. The only thing that fristrates me is that I can't understand it - in majority. :(

    • There are lyric videos you can check out!

  • I have listened to K pop and I don't like it. Not my thing and I prefer English language music anyway.

    • Well, as I said in the post, one k-pop song doesn't define all of k-pop. Just like in America we have mainstream pop, indie, hip hop and more, k-pop also has different song styles!

  • I'll pass.

  • I smell and ARMY... I smell a taehyung stan hahhhaha

    • oops ^.^ are you an army too? who's your bias?

    • Show All
    • Yesss the individual fancams give me life and the choreography is so adorable for 21st century girl!!! And I would definitely love to see all of their individual stages, especially lie w/jimin dancing omg haha that would be the death of all jimin stans or just bts stans in general lol.

    • I would totally love to see Jimins and Jhopes because of the boy meets evil teaser thing where jhopes shirt kept going up while he was dancing. He's not even my bias but istg that boy needs to calm down.

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