Why you should check out Kpop

Why you should check out Kpop

Kpop is Korean pop music, and is not only an interest to some people as it is a lifestyle.


Kpop groups can be made up of only boys (example BTS), only girls (example Girl's Geniration), boys and girls (example COED SCHOOL), or there can be a stand alone artist (example Jay Park). You don't have to speak or read Korean to enjoy Kpop (though I assure you that you will pick up a few words)!


If you watch and compair any three Kpop groups, you'll notice one thing. Dancing. Kpop artists always have a dance to go along with a song for when they preform it live, and many people will agree that it makes Kpop concerts all the more fun and entertaining.


Kpop artists are often invited to be on TV shows such as After School Club. These shows will have the artists answer funny questions, or do crazy things. They're mostly just fun and entertaining, but you can also learn a lot about your favorite artists!

Kpop idols can also be asked to act in movies called Kdramas. It's always fun to watch your bias (see terms section) acting in a movie!


Now that you know a little bit about Kpop itself, let's go over some basic terms you'll need to know.

Bias: You're all time favorite artist (you also have a bias group)

Oppa: Brother, or boyfriend. You call your bias (if he's a boy) oppa.

Noona: Sister, or girl with a lot of admirers. You call your bias (if she's a girl) noona.

Hyung: What younger boys will call older boys.

If you have any other questions about Kpop terms, just look them up! I hope you check Kpop out! Here are a few bands and songs to get you started.

BTS - Dope

Blackpink - Whistle

Exo - Hey Mamma

I.O.I - Very Very Very


Most Helpful Girl

  • Why you shouldn't check out KPOP, the person who wrote this has been made dumb by the KPOP industry. "Compair" "Kpop Is a lifestyle"

    Kpop, Is simply Korean pop, like western pop In Europe.
    Nothing special about it, except from the fact they attract 12 year old fangirls, dress like little boys with the makeup, promote skin bleaching etc.

    Literally they sing about the same thing, as It's POP.

    • I think Kpop is actually pretty cool! I love all sorts of music, it's rare if there is a genre I will dislike! True, kpop idols do wear lots of makeup, a lot of which is to make them look more white. The person who wrote the take enjoys kpop for many aspects, I simply enjoy listening to the music itself, though only some, (a lot of the girl group stuff is just annoying!). I find that not understanding the words is good for when I do homework, so I don't get distracted.

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  • absolutely!!! kpop is life

  • I love KPOP <3
    Exo is my fave

  • I love kpop sooo much lol


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