Three Movie Scenes and One Video Game Cut-Scene That Gets Me "The Feels"

A lot of people hate to admit it but we all know some movie scenes get us emotional/in the feels. Here are some movie scenes that gets me in the feels. This mytake is inspired by another user's take. Also spoiler alert, for those that haven't seen these movies or played this video game.

Towards the end of "My Girl", one of the characters gets killed by a swarm of bees. The funeral scene is definitely a tearjerker because it shows that the protagonist had feelings for the deceased boy.

In the movie Lionheart/Wrong Bet, the protagonist manages to defeat his final and toughest opponent in a clandestine fight but the protagonist has to return to France to go prison for deserting the French Foreign Legion. The two French soldiers that escort him feel empathy for the protagonist and let him have his freedom so he can be with his family. If you watch the whole movie, the ending scene is even more powerful. It always gets me in the feels because it's such a happy ending and a very nice song plays in the background.

In the movie Lili Marleen, there is a scene where the love song "Lili Marleen" is sung. The song is broadcast on many radios which temporarily stops a battle. In my opinion this song is one of the most beautiful songs ever composed. No it's not a "Nazi song", it's a German love song that is also sung in many languages. The song starts about two minutes into the video below.

In the first person shooter video game Wolfenstein: The New Order that takes place in the 1960s during a horrifying alternate history scenario in which the Nazis won WWII, there is a cut-scene where a character named "J"(who is implied to be Jimmy Hendrix) realizes there is no way out. He plays the Star spangled banner on his guitar as the nazis shoot him. Keep in mind that Wolfenstein the new order has many cut scenes that get people in the feels.

There are many movie scenes and video game cut-scenes that get people in the feels but these are the only ones that I can think of right now.

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  • That scene from wolfenstein was awesome but the most heartbreaking ending has to be Red Dead Redemption.
    John Marston knows that he needs to die to save his family, he knows his family won't leave him if he is going to die. He kisses his wife goodbye, tells her and his son he loves them, lies that he will be close behind and goes out to make his stand. The game (Canonically) is about showing that John Marston has reformed and really has become a good man but his last act is to save his own family.
    The only consolation is that Jack Marston is going to get away with revenge and it shows in GTA V that he did become an Author in a Easter egg

  • I didn''t know the alternate title to Lionheart was "Wrong Bet." I remember the movie well, though, and I actually think it's Van Damme's best (not like it's much of a horse race or anything). :P His movies were a guilty pleasure for me growing up, anyway. Bloodsport, Kickboxer and Double Impact are lotsa brainless fun, too.

    As for games, I've been playing for a very long time and I must say, the age of the great cut-scene is long gone. Yes, they LOOK better now but as they're not really required to tell a story now, they don't do much for me. I mean, what tops Cloud laying Aeris to rest in Final Fantasy VII? Or, just in terms of sheer power and choreography, the intros to Onimusha III and Final Fantasy VIII? :)

    I did like that new Wolfenstein, though. Never got a chance to play the spin-off sequel (The Old Blood)... that reminds me, I have to see if I can get to that. But I want to get through Blood and Wine (second expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is out on the 23rd! :) I'd also like to play Uncharted 4 again just because it's godlike...

    • Lionheart goes by various alternate titles such as Leon, A. W. O. L and Full contact. Also in the prequel the Old Blood, two of the characters from Operation Resurrection make a return. One of the voice actresses did hint that a sequel for the New Order might be released next year.

  • This still gives me chills to this day... and it kinda makes me mad too because the final game really didn't end up like this.