7 Ways To Boost your EXP Gain in Pokemon Go

(In alphabetical order)

1) Control your different types of Pokeballs and Razz Berries

Try to save your Razz Berries for rarer Pokemon you have never seen before, or Pokemon with high CP. Use a Poke Ball for Pokemon which are under 200 CP, Great Ball for Pokemon which are 200-500 and Ultra Ball for those which are 500 CP. Those without the use of Razz Berries. That way you will save your Pokeballs and Razz Berries, which means more EXP for you when the opportunity comes.

2) Don’t ignore Pidgeys

Pidgey is a very common Pokemon, and every time you encounter it, you might be like Not again this. But it’s actually the best Pokemon to catch because it gets evolved very quickly (it needs only 12 Pidgey Candy), which means you can gain much EXP quickly, if you have many Pidgeys caught.

3) Don’t try to go for the Stage Three Evolution

I mean for example if you have a Machop, try to evolve it to Machoke and then at Machamp but ONLY ONCE. Remember to evolve a Machop with lots of CP, to the point it will be Machamp, so you can use it for battles later. Don’t try to do this with the other Machops because it will be a waste of Machop Candy, and also you will gain less EXP. Evolve it till it becomes Machoke only.

4) Save your Pokeballs

If in case you are in lack of Pokeballs and you are on the road, then avoid catching any Pokemon (unless you encounter some Pokemon you never had before, so give it a try if you do) but try to find as many Pokestops as possible to gain more Pokeballs and use them at some better area (see #5 for example). You will miss the opportunity to gain lots of EXP, if you have all your Pokeballs wasted.

5) Sit at a café with lots of Pokestops

And try to find a good spot, for example one where you will have four Pokestops around you. Usually such areas draw lots of Pokemon and if you have many Pokestops around you, you won’t be in lack of Pokeballs soon. That way you will save lots of your energy, since you don’t have to wander around to chase Pokemon, and gain lots of EXP too.

6) Use Incense on the right time and at the right spot.

Use it in an area with many Pokemon available, and never on some isolated area. Also it would be even better to use it when there is a Pokemon you have never encountered before in this area, so be careful about when you will use them.

7) Use the Lucky Eggs by the time you have many Pokemon which are about to be evolved.

You get 1000 EXP for each Pokemon evolved, and 2000 if you have never had this Pokemon before. So if you evolve thirty Pokemon, you will gain at least 30000 EXP and maybe some more.


Most Helpful Girl

  • #5 is impossible unless you live in a huge city or popular city. If it's a city that is more rural or not well known you're fuck with any stops or gyms being close.

    #6 is false because even in a heavily spawn area you still can barely get anything good.

    • I live in a suburb, but I can take the metro and go to the city.

    • Churches are usually gyms by the way.

    • Yeah there is nothing like that close to where I live at all.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I caught tons of pidgeys and eventually found a high cp pidgey, eventually evolving it to cp1200 pidgeot my best Pokemon.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I disagree with the incenses isolated area give you lots of great pokemon just have to walk around a lot they provide a pokemon every 5 minutes or every so many meters.

    • Actually you have to save your own energy as well. Better sit down if you want to use an Incense.

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    • No this happens when I walk around, which this happens to other people too. Like when someone tried to hatch an egg they did a 12km run and the egg only calculated 2km of that.

    • @Mustachekitteh Then it's your phone

  • 6) Not a good tip. You should actually do the exact opposite if you wanna catch rare Pokémon.

    Kind of mad at myself that I've wasted so many Incenses just to catch useless shit like Pidgeys, Weedles and Rattatas. Wish I would've known this sooner.


What Guys Said 3

  • Still waiting for its release :(

  • I kinda disagree with 3). You should just make sure your Pokémon is worth evolving based on its perfection rate measured on pokeassistant. com.

    • But what about the Pidgeys?

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    • What's the maximum you believe you can reach under the influence of a lucky egg? I think each evolution session takes like 40 seconds. So about 45?

    • I'd have to stock up on pidgeys for that, but currently I'm running out of pokemon space, but I don't want to spend money on it at the moment.

      So I'm not sure! :D I'll measure it when I can.

  • What about creating duplicate accounts? If you have more than 1 prepaid mobile phone it's pretty easy to make multiple accounts and just give yourself all the good stuff.

    • They will find you out.

    • I've already got 3 duplicate accounts and they haven't found out anything.