My Top 5 Movies of the '90s

Ah the 90s, one of the best times to be a child growing up in the last fifty years, The 90s had a ton of great movies. We had a ton of choices to choose from! From animatronic dinsaours to a animal version of Hamlet that would become one of the greatest Disney movies of all time, Maybe if that wasn't your forte then there was also a dad who dressed up as old ladiy in order to spend time with his kids. There was also a girl who loved to read, who was held down by her parents and a mean nasty principal. Anyway,here are my top five 90s movie classics.

1. Matilda

This undoubtedly was one of my favorite movies of the 1990s. The story centers around a little girl who is not like her parents. Her father is a shyster car dealer who buys stolen car parts, and does other horrible tricks to cheat his customers to make a dollar. Her mother is an obsessive gambler always at the bingo hall or laying on the couch watching soap operas. Her school principal is an ass as well. She locks kids up in a closet with nails and spikes in ther door way and walls. She also can pick up kids and slam them around due to the fact she excelled in Track and Field competitons at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

She has a wonderful teacher with a deep dark secret, but a huge love for the simple things in life. Along the way Matilda loves to read, and discovers that she has developed telekinetic powers. Meaning she can control anything with her eyes. there's also a scene of a boy eating a whole chocolate cake. If you haven't seen this move then what the hell have you been doing with your life?

2. Mrs Doubtfire

Robin Williams is the OG of dressing up as a woman to do a movie. Before Rupaul, Big Mamas House, or Madea there was Mrs Doubtfire. The movie is about a father who is in the middle of a divorce and is not happy with the visting schedule with his kids that the Social Services has set for them. So he dresses up as an old woman and become a nanny to them. But this ain't just any ordinary house cleaner. She can dance to Areosmith's Dude Looks like a Lady with a vacumn cleaner, play air guitar with a broom, and talk about her alcoholic husband meeting his untimely delmise by being hit by a beer truck thus it was literally ''The drink that killed him''. Robin Willams was a comedic genius no matter what anyone says. No one could play roles like him. #RIPRobinWillams

3. The Rugrats Movie

Normally I'm not huge on movies based off television shows, but this movie was great. This was actually the first non Disney animated movie to gross over $100 million dollars at the box office around the world. The movie follows the Rugrats gang centering around the birth of Tommy's baby brother Dil. Tommy soon loses being the center of attention, so the gang decides to take Dil back to "the baby store" to return him. Along the way they run into a wrecked circus train where all the monkeys escape. The gang gets lost in the jungle prompting the parents to try to rescue them. This was the formula of almost every Rugrats episode. The kids wander off while the parents get distracted, then mayhem ensues. Rugrats in general was just awesome, and if you didn't grow up watching this cartoon, then sorry about your luck.

4. Good Burger

Another classic movie. This movie was based off the sketches from a old show calles All That which Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were cast members. The movie is about trying to keep an underperforming burger palace from falling to corpora conglomerate. So they invent a new sauce to put on the burgers. Much to the dismay of the corporate guys they go into the restaurant and poison the secret sauce. But it is also later found out that the corporate chain uses GMOs and chemicals to make the meat bigger. In the end the corporate people are arrested and the little burger chain thrives. Like that actually ever happens, but It's a classic 90s movie.

5. Anastasia

This movie actually gets confused by many people thinking it's a Disney product. It's actually Twentieth Century Fox. But nonetheless it's still a great 90s movie. The movie starts in the 1917 Russian Revolution with the disappearance of the Romanov Family including Tzar Nicholas and the Princess Anastasia. The major villain is the mad monk Rasputin. A few years later two con men in the now formed Soviet Union plan to come up with a fake Anastasia to claim a reward from the last living Romanov blood in Paris. Little do they know that the actual princess Anastasia is the girl they hired to play the part. Talk about a shocker. I remember I had the train set from this movie and the little dog that flapped his ears when you pushed his belly. This was a classic. Even though it was not Disney, it sure as hell was Disney quality.

Other honorable mentions: Toy Story 1&2, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Problem Child 1 and 2, Aladdin, The Green Mile, and The Sandlot.

That's my list. What's on yours? If you loved any of these movies let me know!

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  • Rugrats and Good Burger 😭 Oh the feels 😭😭


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  • People need realize it's yooooooooour time 5 not there's. I love them all. But good burger tops it the best.


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  • Are 90's kids just nostalgic of matilda cos I thought it was dogshit.

    I'm confused is this take top 5 90's movies because I mean there are a shit ton more better 90's movies so do you mean top5 kids movies but then why is the green mile in the mentions?

  • Which one is the animal version of Hamlet?

  • These are all children's films.

    • Well I was a child in the 90s so what do you expect? Plus the Green Mile isn't for kids at all

  • My #1: Fight Club