6 Tips and General Advice for People Hitting the Club

6 Tips and General Advice for People Hitting the Club

So this if my first MyTake and in no way am I saying this is decent advice so take what you get from this.

The experience: Last night a buddy of mine and I decided to go hit some clubs in Houston. This was my first time and wasn't his first rodeo. That being said here comes my first piece of knowledge.

1. If this is your first time or 10th, go with people who have been to the club before. If you don't know how to dance to save your life than at least go with someone who does so they can make it less awkward of an experience. But this is advice for whether you can dance or not. ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU.

For the most part it was a learning experience and some good fun that beats sitting at home, in my opinion. I went in thinking I would be socially equipped and that it would be easy for me to catch digits. The same went for my friend and we couldn't have been more wrong.

2. Do not go in with high expectations to pick up on the opposite sex. I think this one basically just goes for men. The most important piece of advice I can give based on my experience thus far is to just turn up, and be optimistic. I can say with complete honesty that this is not the type of place to look for a date or a one night stand if you roll that way. Leave that for the bar scene. I would say that 90% of the clubbers are there just to have a good time without any b.s. Also from what I saw a lot of women were with a guy or in big groups that can shut you down easy if your not prepared.

6 Tips and General Advice for People Hitting the Club

My friend and I looked a bit desperate just moving around the clubs looking for women to hit on. Luckily I was the designated driver and sober to witness how bad it looks when people are just going around trying to get in everyone's business.

3. There's a difference between dancing with people, and dancing in their personal space. Keep it a bit distant. The wrong idea is to sneak up behind a group of people later for them to find out your just trying to catch their digits.

4. Come back equipped with better dancing skills, and dress to impress because a t-shirt and blue jeans is not gonna cut it. People are there to one - up on your @$$ so at least wear clothes that make you look like you have some fashion sense.

5. The right thing to do is to dance and wait for the right opportunity and the right (guy or gal) to come by and strike a conversation with. Start a chat if the opportunity presents itself before you ask for a dance. *SPECIAL NOTE* If you get shot down don't immediately go to the next one because then your gonna come off worse than your initial first impression. People will notice this no matter how distracted you think they are.

6 Tips and General Advice for People Hitting the Club

6. Have fun and your positive vibes will be infectious. People will come to you if they see this. Don't be sitting down the whole night with a drink in your hand. Be the guy or gal that says screw what everyone thinks and express yourself in a way that's easily distinguishable from the rest of the people there. After all your looks alone is only half of the focus. Personality places a huge role in this too.

Like I said before I went in with high hopes of walking away with at least a few phone numbers. I was not accomplishing anything by sitting idly by on the dance floor, while following my friend around watching him try to hit on women. This was an overall great learning experience for me and I had some great moments so I walked away pretty happy when everything shut down for the night.

A side note: This is more of a vent. If you knew someone in the past that you suddenly encountered whether you had a good relationship or no affiliation with them at all at least say have the common decency to acknowledge they exist just by saying a few words. I know I sound pretty salty but honestly I saw a person I knew from my past who I grew up with even though we became distant. What really pissed me off is that he had the audacity to just walk away when I came up to him, called him by his name.... and said what's up with my hand out. If you had that experience don't let it phase you. Some people will surprise you no matter your past with them. I can say with at least some certainty that we were great friends at some point growing up and now if I ever see him again I'll act like I don't know the person. Its not worth anyone's time to be around people that are stuck up and full of themselves.

Anyways hope this experience/advice helped!

6 Tips and General Advice for People Hitting the Club
6 Tips and General Advice for People Hitting the Club
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