6 Creepypastas That Remind Me Why I Love the Internet

I've been on a r/creepypasta kick lately, I won't deny it. It's nearing Halloween after all, and you all know that's the best time to search out and compile your lists of scary little movies and such. Well, scary movies aren't really my forte - mostly they're just gore or jump-scares that yeah, they'll make me pop outta my seat but that's fleeting and quite frankly boring. It also takes a special kind of director to make a really good horror film that shakes you from your mind to your soul, able to convey feelings of terror in a wide variety of viewers. Cuz remember, what scares me might not scare you at all. Which isn't really accurate as an analogy because everything scares me.

6 Creepypastas That Remind Me Why I Love the Internet

Books -words- carry a much more subtle, creeping, feeling of horror, for me at least. My imagination is vivid (and kind of an asshole, tbh). I guess that's a mark of an avid reader - able to insert yourself into the narrator's view and really feel what you're reading. Really experience it in your mind. So, with that being said, here is an abrupt segue into my favorite creepypastas/shorts I've read that stick with me and some that kinda make me afraid to leave the house (but I'm also afraid to be in the house...).

*Please note: These are fiction shorts found on the internet. They're not supposed to be shining examples of godlike prose nor are they paragraphs to magically make everyone shit their pants. They're just creepy little gems that make a lot of people scoff and giggle, then turn the lights on and maybe grab a baseball bat, just in case.

(Not really in any particular order)

1. "Whittier, Alaska" - Alex Beyman

One of the best ones I've read. Honestly if you don't even register any of the other ones you should read this one. It's immersive, it's well-written, and makes you go ":\" at the end but that's cool. The author has other works as well, which are also on that site and they're pretty good.

2. "Anasi's Goatman Story"

While a bit rambling, long, and not the most well-written piece I've read, I thought the stream of thought kind of storytelling worked for this. Hindsight is a terrible, terrible thing.

3. "The Quantum Man" - The Silicon Lemming

Unknown things being unknowable.

4. "Knocking"


5. "Gateway of the Mind"

One of the more well-known ones. Gives me a little shiver whenever I read it.

6. The princess

It's not really a creepy story or anything, but it's a pretty good read. It's long though, very long. It's kinda sad also, in the end. Gamers might be interested in skimming through this.

*The link is to a Tumblr that lists the posts in chronological order for easier reading. This is the actual blog, afaik.

And some short shorts:
6 Creepypastas That Remind Me Why I Love the Internet

Thanks; not like that's the only thing that helps me settle down at night when I'm in bed, eyes squeezed shut, pretending like the shadows aren't growing.

6 Creepypastas That Remind Me Why I Love the Internet


6 Creepypastas That Remind Me Why I Love the Internet

Which is like the "Someone is on my bed" one. I hate (love) these so much.

There's more but I've kinda lost interest in this.

If anyone has any creepy shorts they wanna share, I want to see them.


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  • I will keep that link and one night turn off all the lights - Just me and my laptop to frighten the life out of me for Halloween.


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  • So long as people read SOMETHING. ;)

  • God, to think I enjoyed these 8 years ago.


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