Why I Visited Eastern State Penitentiary and Why You Should Too

Just in time for the haunted houses for Halloween, take a day tour or go to the nighttime haunted house that is Eastern State Penitentiary. For more information and stories inside visit Eastern State and take the self guided tour or check out the website for more.

1. One of the Most Famous Prisons in the World

Opening in 1829 in Philadelphia, PA this penitentiary inspired others worldwide. The inmates were under solitary confinement but were allowed in the exercise yards, and allowed to work in the weaving shops, bakery, and kitchen. Cell Block 15 was later added, where inmates would be away from the guards; it was death row.

Top: Hallway (my photo)

Bottom: Barber Chair (my photo)

2. Some of Americas Most Notorious Criminals

Gangster Al Capone and Robber Willie Sutton. Capone, allowed to furnish his cell, had rugs, chairs, oil paintings, and antiques. Sutton and 11 others escaped in 1945.

Al Capone's cell (my photo)

Some more of my photos of the famous prison:

Visit Eastern State's Website Here

Also just in time for Halloween is Terror Behind Walls, which is a haunted house attraction inside the penitentiary! Check that out here.

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  • That seems to be a really mysterious place, honestly speaking. 😮

    This is actually a much more luxurious site for convicts and inmates (because of the bakeries and elegant furniture as seen in the photos) than all the prison sites I've known in my entire life.

    • Yeah I thought it was too but Al Capone for some reason was the only one allowed to decorate his cell. The bakery I wasn't sure about that but I learned about it going through the tour I didn't see one at least because some parts are too broken down and unsafe. But I did see the dining hall area.

  • great one--

  • it s funny how smthng like that can be beautiful <3
    you take good pics?
    was it on your phone?

    • I know I loved it. Yes these are my photos and no I took them on a camera I have a canon.

    • lol sry for the interrogation mark for the 2nd tense
      and well done ^^