Twelve of the Saddest Deaths on Game of Thrones

Shireen Baratheon

Worst dad award goes to Stannis. At least her mom regretted it.


No explanation needed. He was a fool but he died like a hero.

Jon Snow

I know he comes back alive but this scene was brutal.

Ned Stark

Oh Ned. Tried to do the right thing but this shows why you don't cross Cersei Lannister. The worst part is that Arya and Sansa had to watch.

Khal Drogo

At least he died with dignity


Such a waste of potential.


we didn't actually see him die so I'm holding out hope that he's Jaqen

Any of the Direwolves

Surprisingly out of all the direwolves, only two of their deaths were shown. Lady was killed in place of Nymeria, (Cersei is a b*tch) Summer sacrificed himself for Bran, Arya made Nymeria run away, Ghost is alive as far as I know, Shaggydogs death wasn't shown, and Grey Wind's death wasn't shown either. Instead his head was cut off and sewn onto Robb's body so that Walder Frey could parade it through the streets.


First Ygritte then Jon. I'm glad you're dead Olly.

Walda and the Baby

Good thing that Ramsey died. Good job Sansa.

The Sept of Baelor, Margaery, Margaery's Father, Loras, and the rest of King's Landing.

You just made an enemy out of everybody Cersei.

Tommen Baratheon

I saw his death coming from a mile away because he's an idiot but I didn't know he would die this way. This scene shows how much of a selfish psychopath that Cersei is.

Anyone else feeling really sad?

Twelve of the Saddest Deaths on Game of Thrones

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What Guys Said 5

  • Lots of good picks in there - Well done for seeing the "Tommen" death coming - I was very surprised by it but looking at it now it makes so much sense if the Cersei story goes somewhat similar to the way I think it might - I think her children were her last strip of humanity and she goes power crazed/insane - Jaime has to kill her because she goes too far thus fulfilling the prophecy that a sibling will kill her.

  • Actually they did show grey winds death. Arya had to watch too. Grey wind was locked in a cage and a few frey soldiers shot him with their crossbows.

  • Hodor Shireen and Ned the only ones I was really moved with

  • well done-

  • I refuse to watch and spoil it for me


What Girls Said 3

  • I was most sad with Khal Drogo, Ygritte and Hodor. I already knew Jon would live thanks to spoilers

    • I was so upset about Drogo I almost stopped watching this show. But the fact that they see each other again made me keep going. Glad I didn't stop watching.

    • Yeah. I was so pissed off at that witch and even a little at Daenerys too. Poor Drogo :'(

  • I was so saddened when Khal Drogo died :(

  • good share


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