7 of my Most Unpopular 'Game of Thrones' Opinions

1. I hate Catelyn Stark.

She hated Jon for no reason and I wanted to punch her when she released Jaime. I know she always saw Jon as her husbands bastard son, but that's unfair to Jon. Jon never asked to be born and to have the reputation of Ned Starks bastard son. If she wanted to hate someone should've hated Ned. Especially knowing what we know now. Jon isn't Ned's son, he's actually Ned's nephew. Turns out Ned was just being a good uncle and was protecting Jon. Jon is one of the rightful heirs to the Iron Throne. Ned lied and said he was his son to protect him because if anyone knew that, they would've killed him. She does redeem herself and feels sorry for how she treated Jon. She is also selfish, jumps to false conclusions based on circumstantial evidence, and always needed a scapegoat like blaming Tyrion for her son being partially paralyzed.

7 of my Most Unpopular 'Game of Thrones' Opinions

2. I didn't care for Ned Stark.

He was so honor bound that his children paid the price. Ultimately what caused his demise was trusting Lord Baelish. Ned is very strange. He sees the world in black and white. It's like he just refuses to accept that life won't just work out like it's supposed to, like he thinks Aerys was the only person in the world who would just ignore the rules and hurt him or his family. Ned should know better. It's not even that he's unintelligent, or even lacking in skill at planning. He's just cavalier about his life and the life of his children. I feel like Ned was an introduction to how things work in Game of Thrones. Like saying, "okay here is the stereotypical nicd guy who is also the hero that every story has and everyone loves him. He is bound by honor and what not. And now he's dead. Welcome to the Game of Thrones universe. There are no rules and no happy endings here. Enjoy your stay and try not to die!"

7 of my Most Unpopular 'Game of Thrones' Opinions

3. Cersei is 100% evil.

People say her love for her children is what redeems her. I think you can easily argue that she cares for no one other than herself and her revenge. When Margaery died, she should've been comforting Tommen. That's the least she could've done since she was responsible for Margaery's death. But she didn't because she was too busy getting her revenge. Cersei comforting Tommen could've been the difference between him dead and him being alive. Cersei has a narcissistic personality and the only reason she loves her kids is because she sees them as extensions of herself. Which is why narcissists love their kids so much.

7 of my Most Unpopular 'Game of Thrones' Opinions

4. I don't hate Robb.

He was a 16 year old kid who made a mistake. A very, very, very bad mistake that led to the deaths of him and his mother. To be fair, no one could've predicted the Red Wedding. If Catelyn hadn't handed over Jaime that could've the difference between Robb and herself being dead or alive. Considering his age, he did well for himself. If circumstances were different, he would be king. As I re-read it became more obvious to me that he just wanted to live up to the Stark name, lead an army, and rule a kingdom. But George R. R. Martin doesn't want that, because then the series ends too soon.

7 of my Most Unpopular 'Game of Thrones' Opinions

5. I love Sansa.

People always say that Arya is the best and Sansa sucks. I also love Arya but Sansa is still alive so she must doing something right. I love her journey from a scared little girl who believed in fairytales to believing that there are no heroes.

7 of my Most Unpopular 'Game of Thrones' Opinions

6. I think Jon will be a good king but he can not let his emotions cloud his judgement.

Jon did that when he tried to save Rickon when we all knew Rickon had no chance surviving Ramsey. Plus there was no point in keeping him alive. Jon needs to listen to the people around him like Ser Davos, Tormund, Lyanna, and Sansa, he also needs to stop being so damn stubborn.

7 of my Most Unpopular 'Game of Thrones' Opinions

7. Daenerys used to be my favorite but I think she is slowly descending into Mad Queen status like her father.

The only person keeping her in check is Tyrion. Jon Snow is now my favorite. I agreed with him when he said that the Nights Watch needs to set their hatred for the Wildlings aside, so they can be allies. Especially since the Nights Watch can not singlehandedly defeat the White Walkers. The White Walkers are a growing problem but everyone ignores them. He died for that and I will always respect him for doing what was right over what was easy or would give him more popularity. Also not all the Wildlings are bad. Tormund is a badass.

7 of my Most Unpopular 'Game of Thrones' Opinions

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree with 3 and 4.
    Why people think that there is anything redeemable about Cersei is beyond me

    • She isn't 100% evil. At all. She plays the game just like everyone else. She does everything for family and to protect her family. She's no more evil than any other character trying to get the throne.

    • Because, while she is a bitch, more and more you see that she's more about protecting her kids by any means necessary rather than just being a total shit like her son

Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Agree-she was so cold, to a little baby. A little pouty baby. It was common for bastards to be raised within the father's home, and for them to have mistresses so, I don't get why she was tripping. Brandon would have done her a lot worse.
    2. OMG Ned was so good. Blind and stupid at times, but so good. When he wastes Renly's offer, I still cringe reading that.
    3. Agree! I think in the books she will betray Tommen in some way, sort of like she did in the show. Putting her desires and greed over his emotions and his kingdom.
    4. I hated Rob. He was everything Ned was x 2. At least his dad won a war. This kid, oh my god, the whole Uncle Edmure is a fuckup thing, that was so his fault. Marrying Jeyne, lort have mercy, boy whyyy.
    5. Yass, Sansa is amazing. Loved her acting last season.
    6. I think Jon is like Dany where they aren't really liked and they aren't really great leaders b/c there's a large enough portion of people against them so that everything they do has to be 'perfect' to please everyone when that's just not possible given the situations.
    7. It would be interesting :) I think George will flesh this out much better. However, Dany's khal roast was a cherry on top for me putting my egg in that basket. Homegirl doesn't play. That's ok though-for now. She just needs to have babies with Jon (or someone) and breed out a little of those old genes. Though she still has to be betrayed, and I think Varys/someone he knows or Jon will do it for sure.


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What Guys Said 19

  • Cersei's end game has always been about being QUEEN. Her eyes have always been about the throne, or at least, being as close as she can to it. That was her whole outlook throughout the series. I'll be Queen some day, fuck everything else. You can see it in her eyes and her tactics.

    Yeah, power has gone to Daenerys head. But I don't know if it's the fact that her one true love, that was her everything at the time died and that she was pretty much had no say to begin with in being betrothed to her true love. To a savage in her eyes at the time, by her BROTHER no less, for money and bullshit. You start growing up really fast to understand that you have to start to think about number one first around here. I have the dragons, so I can pretty much do whatever the fuck I want with little resistance, lest I feed you to them and have them run amok on the lands. Also, I have such an army of people who pretty much worship me, I'm probably the most powerful right now.
    Yeah, that type of power might from what she had before and that she developed all herself, might go to anyone's head in this instance.

    Sansa is probably the most versatile of all the characters in the whole show. I mean she had to do some really cool moves to stay living as long as she has with the crowd she had to deal with and the shit abuse she had to deal with. And be strong enough not to give herself away in the act until she could escape. Nope, she's probably the most cleaver in the series. I hope Jon and her do become King and Queen. She's a really good match for Jon and I think Jon will eventually understand that about her. She's the one that will give level-headed-ness and reason to Jon. I'd want a woman like that as my partner for life. She has grown to understand how this world works and is able to work through it and knows who to trust and how to find out who to trust.

    Jon is starting to know who he is now. And he's starting to show his authority and show how a truly strong king should be. Understanding what the true dangers abound are and understand what has to be done deal with them. Others are starting to see this about him as well. They better wake the fuck up soon though or those White Walkers are going to just rape everyone.

  • 1. Your opinion on Cate is not that unpopular given how popular Jon Snow is.
    2. Ned Stark is Ned Stark. If he isn't, GOT woulnd't have happened.
    3. What makes a person evil? True, she had Ned killed but Ned would have killed her anyway, direct or indirectly. She has to make a move. She would also have loved and served Robert Baratheon if not how Robert treated her. If there is a word for her, I think stupid would suit her best. Given that she's the daughter of great Tywin Lannister and a sister of Tyrion. She never learned a thing.
    4. Who hates Rob?
    5. Sansa is stupid. She always trust the wrong person and doubt her allies. She trusted Jeoffrey instead of Arya. She trusted the florian knight instead of the Hound. She hated the Imp. Her trust compass is so messed up.
    6. No comment on that. Jon is boring for me anyway.
    7. When a Targaryen is born, the Gods toss a coin. One side is Madness, one side is Greatness. Whether she's mad or she has greatness, I think that is still for us to see.

    • Pretty good points, but don't forget Ned told her to run with her children because he wanted them to live

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    • @ladsin Of course, if he said a word, that would mean Cersei's life. Direct, or indirectly, she would be killed.

    • Only if she hadn't run. Which was a threat enough I suppose. Would've challenged her whole livelihood. Although in the long run she probably would've kept more children

  • i don't know how unpopular this opinions are. i think a lot of people feel similarly.

    i think catelyn stark was unecessarily tough on jon snow but i don't think her hate was without reason. he represented her husbands infidelity.

    • cersei is a monster. i mean i get that she loves her kids but outside of that she is horrible

      i hated sansa until i think it was last season. it seemed like she was the major cause of so much of the Stark's downfall all because she wanted to be a queen. but she's become pretty bad ass after leaving Ramsay Bolton

    • I agree about cersei. If she really loved her kids, she should've been comforting Tommen when Margaery died. Even a psychologist diagnosed her as a classic narcissist. I thought sansa was naive for quite some time but she has grown up, mainly she had to grow up over night.

  • I agree with all but 2. If Ned Stark wouldn't have set the example for Jon Snow, Jon wouldn't have become who he became and would have probably gotten killed alongside Robb Stark because he wouldn't have chosen honor over family. He wouldn't have focused on defeating the whitewalkers over potentially becoming a Stark. he wouldn't have lived if ned stark had cashed in on the fact that his sister had a baby with a Targaryan and so deserved to be King more than Joffrey and so on and so on

    • Ned stark wasn't all bad. He definitely set a good example for jon. I wish he died differently. His death makes him look like naive but he really shouldn't be naive because he was from the north.

    • If you start playing games cersei and baelish start playing you become part of the reason westeros is so effed up

  • I partially agree to 2,3 and strongly disagree with 4.

    Ned was a man of honor but not until the end where he choose to parjure himself to save his children. Fu.. that. You choose a cause, you believe it and you die for it, that is the highest thing a man can achieve in life. I just choose the wrong fight and got involved into politics which is a bag full of snake. He should have stayed in Winterfell, that's all.

    Cersei is not 100% evil, she just plays the Game of Thrones, which is about acquiring as much power as possible without regards or consideration for principles or honor. As long as you don't care for Ned's principles you cannot say Cersei is evil.

    Rob is a tard and he lost a kingdom for a wh... just as Jaime said in the book. If he had stick to the right principles which I believe to be :
    - execute betrayers : so kill Catilyn for releasing Jaime
    - never condemn your men for wrong reasons when they are loyal to you : spare Karstark
    - focus on power and don't let your emotions control you : not marry the bi... and instead get Walder's Frey daughter

    Then he will be the King in the North

    • I agree about Robb. If he had done even a fee things differently, then things would be very different. Then again the author doesn't want that because then the seeies ends too soon.

  • Actually I don't think people hated Rob, in fact he was pretty much a solid protagonist of the show... About Cathelyn yes... I really didn't care for her at all... I think Daenerys is more level headed than what she seems like, people just tend to look a lot into it

  • My most unpopular game of Thrones opinion that it's sjw porn. Daenerys is majority popular with white feminists. The show turns her into a liberal fantasy figure—at the end of Season 3, literally a blonde savior exalted by a worshipful circle of helpless brown people. She kills people, but only “bad” people like slavers. Occasionally she makes bad political decisions, but this just shows the world isn’t moral enough for her.
    Her translator Missandei, a child in the books, is of an age with Daenerys so they can share grrl power lines like “All men must die, but we are not men.” Apparently, you now have to believe that women are not only better than men, but so independent and strong they can overcome death itself.
    Her affair with a sellsword is “empowering,” not an emotional decision that could have dire consequences. The complex motivations behind her willingness to kill to secure power is transformed into egalitarian pabulum, enabled by her royal birth and “magic” power as the “mother of dragons.” she's represents white privledged feminist fantasy. Daenerys is a princess, heir to a vast noble legacy founded hundreds of years before her. It is this privilege that provides her with the power (and the respect for it) that she wields in the show, and allows her to act as “empowered” as she does. She is entirely the product of successes built long before her, and it is that same success that allows her to wield the influence she does now. It is her privilege that allowed her to gain the assistance she needed to become the leader she is. Daenerys is reliant on men, who lay the foundation for her power and for her continued survival. Her status as the wife of Khal Drogo provided her first taste of credibility as a leader and allowed her to gain her first subjects. It was also through her marriage with the Khal that she was able to acquire her dragons—they were a wedding gift. Jorah Mormont, the exiled Westerosi knight who has advised her since her wedding with the Khal, has saved her life more than once. Though originally contracted to betray Daenerys in return for social and monetary gain, he goes back on this and continues to protect her. His advice not only facilitates her growth as a leader, but also keeps her alive on more than one occasion. She would be lost and likely dead without him.

  • I agree with most of those, but I don't think Jon will make a very good king (he'll do fine with Sansa's help though), and I do hate Robb.

    • I do agree about jon. He will be a good king but he needs to accept the help around him.

  • That's a great analysis! Thank you. I mostly agree with this

  • Cersei is loosely based on catherine of russia. Catherine was married off to a drunk russian tsar like king robert, also like king robert he mysteriously died in a drunken hunting accident. Catherine became queen, also like cersei. Catherine added lots of land to the russian empire by cunning diplomacy amd deception. Cersei has also used deception and is very cunning.

    I like game of thrones because it is kind of an epic. There are many great stories that are related to one another. Its great. Also great mytake by the way. 👍

    • Thanks! I love that Game of Thrones is based on history. I recently went to Scotland and stood in the same place where the Black Dinner took place. The Black Dinner was the inspiration for the Red Wedding. It was a total geek out moment for me.

  • I agree with 3, I also actually liked Tywin. I was kinda sad and laughing my ass off at the same time when he died.

  • 1) I didn't hate her, but I didn't really care for her.

    2) I did care for Boromir, it was a shame he died.

    3) Agreed. She may love her kids, but she's 100% evil.

    4) I didn't hate Robb either, but he was naive.

    5) I like Sansa too, though I used to dislike her in the first seasons, she was stupid and stuck up, but after all she's gone through, she's become tough, so now she's more likable, and actually one of my favorite characters.

    6) I sort of agree. He can be a good king, but his emotions tend to rule over him too many times. His desire for doing what's morally right may also be a problem.

    7) Agreed. I used to like her a lot, but as the seasons go by, I'm starting to become disinterested in her.

  • yeah catelyn stark was a pretty bad person she fucked up every time and still tried to fuck it up even more lol

  • Fuck cersei.
    Catelyn has some good qualities but also has bad ones. Its unfair to hate jon, if she can forgive ned, she shouldn't hate jon.
    I loved ned. He just happened to be a decent man in a crooked mans game. Same with robb.
    Sansa is okay, she's not awesome, but ok.
    Jon is cool, but a bit overrated. And im over the targaeryen as well.
    I also dislike her new boytoy (i forgot his name)
    He killed his bros over some booty.
    How can she trust a guy like that.

    I also dislike the red witch, i still hate jamie, i like the red viper but i dont like the sand snakes and his wife. i dont like the dragons (they are assholes).

  • Ok so Cersei is evil as fuck for sure.
    Khaleesee, used to like her, she's a total bitch now though, takes everything for granted and has just no respect. Don't buy her whole benevolent queen bullcrap she's let way too many people die for her without too much remorse.
    Jon's awesome, we'll see he's a stand up dude in the show.
    I used to really dislike Sansa, but she's kinda earning my respect back. No longer crying 24/7 and being ridiculously naive. Kinda getting the hang of the show she's in lolol
    Ok fair enough for Rob, but sitll hate him :D:D
    I liked Ned! He was cool but then dur he died shit happens.
    Never minded Caitlyn Stark not really a striking character to me she kinda slipped under the radar for me.

  • My list. I won't have a detailed explanation like you did though. [I've only saw Season 5 and 6, my explanation is mostly based on the books, so it could be wrong in that sense.

    7. I do not like Ned or any of his sons and daughters. They are boring as fuck.
    6. King Robert Baratheon is a coward and an asshole, but also a very good character.
    5. Tyrion is smart, but not as smart as they say.
    4. I liked Jaime Lannister before he was incarcerated by the King of North, then he became a wuss.
    3. I don't Joffrey for being a dickhead. All he wanted was Robert approval.
    2. The Mountain is my favourite character. He is just simply evil for no reason at all, he always had a nice life but he is still the worst piece of shit in Westeros. He is cruel for the sake of being cruel, something Villains have lost in the latest years.
    1. The High Sparrow 100% looks like Pope Bergoglio.

  • 2 and 5... You deserve to be stoned

    • Hmm oh well.

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    • To be fair, I thought she was naive as hell for a while. When she finally admitted that she hated Joffrey, I just thought finally took you long enough sansa. She has grown quite a lot and even got her first kill.

    • Lol well Arya is the best anyway

  • hey'd you watch modern family tonight?

  • Never seen it. Seems like a quite popular show


What Girls Said 4

  • If you just watched the series, and if these are only based on the series plot:
    1) Your opinion on Catelyn is NOT UNPOPULAR. NOT is underlined multiple times since Job is main male character and there are many out there who love him.
    2) Ned is NED and that's why there is GOT and all the plot twists. So your opinion is invalid, giving blue screen.
    3) Cersei is not 100% evil if you pay attention to her motherhood, and how vulnerable she was after she lost Joffrey. You're giving blue screen again.
    4) Everybody hated Sansa until 6th season basically. Just because she brought the Knights of the Vale does not designate her to be loved. But anyways, she is a strong female character and Sophie T is sexy, beautiful, elegant, and smart in real life, so everybody loves her character. So your opinion is NOT UNPOPULAR again.
    5) Nobody hated Robb, in fact a lot of people LOVED Robb and were shocked when he died, and sad. So you're opinion is NOT UNPOPULAR again.
    6) Everybody thinks the same about Jon and his feelings FFS. This is NOT UNPOPULAR either. But as shown in hanging the traitors scene, he is no longer controlled by his emotions AT ALL.
    7) Dany is not being a Mad Queen, she is just getting stronger. I don't get which part of your body you used watching the character development.

    Did you read the books? If you did so:
    1) You cannot hate Catelyn for any of those reasons
    2) You will care more about Ned, and his storyline, flashbacks with past, and present.
    3) Cersei is not 100% evil at all.
    4) For sure, you wouldn't love Sansa at all. Not yet. Not in the books with her naivety.
    5) Robb has his motives and explanations like you did in your take, and in the books it's deeper.
    6) Jon is not controlled by his emotions. He is controlled by the promises he make, and his responsibilities, which often he cannot carry them.
    7) She is not bit of a Mad Queen at all.

    • Maybe its just who I know that watches game of thrones. They feel the opposite anout everything on this. Like they love catelyn and ned but hate robb and sansa. Around them, I'm constantly reminding them that catelyn did some very stupid things but all they ever say about catelyn is that she loved her family amd was a strong woman. As for Jon, I hope how he reacted to Rickon was a one time thing. Rickon had no chance surviving Ramsey. But you did make a good point, he promised to get him back and he probably wanted to follow through. And he is listening to Sansa. He even asked for her opinion on Lord Baelish.

    • I mean if you follow IG accounts of GoT fans, memes etc. you would see almost all your points are invalid probably because of your social circle as you said.

  • i agree with everything from 3 onward~ esp. #6 re: sansa stark. i hated her at first, but she's evolved over the past 6 seasons and i'm impressed. as long as she doesn't get involved with littlefinger, she'll be fine (i hope).

    as for the first 2, i didn't hate either of them. catelyn hates jon because of what he represents (as would be the case for any woman, if her husband acted in the way ned supposedly did) and i can't entirely blame her.

    that, and the second i saw sean bean's name on the credits, i knew his characters was as good as dead lol.

    • I don't think sansa will betray Jon. She isn't treacherous and she knows not to trust Lord Baelish. But I think the producers will make it look like she is betraying jon, then later reveal that she really isn't.

  • Hmm I agree with most to be honest. Especially number 7. Daenerys definitely seems to be turning a little blood thirsty. Plus the way that George R. R. Martin said everyone is a hero in their own story (or something to that effect) leads me to believe that she will end up being the "villian". She was always just too good to be true and I think it would be too predictable if she was the get the throne. Jon might get it since it's not something he wants and isn't expecting or knows he's entitled to. The white walkers are definitely not 100% evil either in my opinion. I wouldn't say Cersei is 100% evil though, I don't think anyone can truly be nothing but evil because she does care about her children, even if the reason is not pure.

  • You have a very naive thought process about these characters. They're human, they're imperfect. That's what makes it good writing.


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