My Follow Up to Being A Black Man Who Hates Rap and Hip Hop

My Follow Up to Being A Black Man Who Hates Rap and Hip Hop

So this comes a lot later than I wanted it to, because I've been so busy with work and other things that I've had to keep putting it off, but now I get a propertunity to follow up on my last Take that talked about why and how I as a black man hate rap and hip hop.

I write this follow up to respond to some of the people who commented more properly than just replying to their opinions. Since the Take got something of a good bit of traction I couldn't answer everybody in the way I wanted to, so this follow up should do. I was surprised at the way a lot of the females actually stood up for rap and hip hop, while many of the guys got where I was coming from, even if they themselves did like it; they were much more level-headed. Some people might think this is an apology but they're gonna be sorely disappointed. I'm not taking back a single thing I said from the first Take. At all. I just want to respond to everybody better so they might get the picture.

"Rap isn't just about money and hoes"...

Is the general response some people gave, explaining that rap also has been about social movements and injustice. This is true, but the vast majority of rap still has nothing to do with standing up for what's right or going against the power structures. The Tupacs, Futures, and B.O.B.s of the rap industry are still few. Rap makes its money and image mainly from cheese and trash lyrics, and doesn't even entirely hide that. In fact, if you're a rapper who doesn't use a lot or any foul language or garbage lyrics, you actually aren't going to get taken very seriously and rap producers won't really want to work with you a whole lot or will urge you to be grittier. I used to know a buddy on another site who raps love stuff and would share his mixes with me on Soundcloud. He never could get a producer or DJ to take him seriously, and it's because he's not into main rap style. And, yes, generally you do have to look thugish or somewhat 'bad' to get taken seriously in the industry.

My Follow Up to Being A Black Man Who Hates Rap and Hip Hop

The guy who said, "I like how n*ggas on GAG all write takes so they can appear special in a desperate attempt for women to want them. I'm a black man and I hate rap music. See ladies I'm different from other black men and I'm special."

This was so funny because it was so incredibly stupid. I don't have to write anything to get women to want me, nor do I care if they think I'm different just because I say I don't like rap. I say I don't like it because that's how I feel. Has absolutely nothing to do with whether women would find that desirable or not, nor should it matter. There are actually white girls who would hate me for saying I hate rap and hip hop just as much as the black ones do too, so that doesn't even come close to a logical or intelligent comment, lol.

My Follow Up to Being A Black Man Who Hates Rap and Hip Hop

It seems to be that just because a black man isn't into something predominantly black, he's doing it to please white people or white women, and it makes no sense. I've been vocal about liking white chicks, but just because I don't like something black has nothing to do with your attraction them. That's like middle-school-type logic.

"What's the point of you saying you're a black man who hates rap?"

This was also a general statement said more than once, and I really don't even know why or how anyone would have to ask it because it doesn't take rocket science.

Black men generally are stereotyped as liking rap and hip - and not just from white people but also my own race. You usually are expected to like it. And when white people stereotype you for it it gets to be very annoying. However, many black men are fine with being known for loving rap and hip hop. And I'm not. And that's really the basic point. I don't fit with the mold.

"Rock these days is lacking compared to pop/rap which evolves to meet the new times."

@reixun This has to be the biggest joke of the situation. You're kidding me, right? Rock music touches more people in more ways, whereas pop and rap mostly speak to a certain group. It doesn't evolve to meet new times, it evolves to stay relevant, which is why rappers and hip hoppers have to shit out album after album - sometimes year after year - so the artists can stay hot and stay on people's minds, because they fear fading out and know that the genre is about temporary thrills. Hell, even B.O.B. and T.I. themselves said as much. Whereas, rock groups don't feel a need to put out so many albums, and are content to take their time on a new one even if it takes a few years, and want it to mean something. Rappers and hip hoppers just want to get people dancing and singing their songs at the club, birthday parties, get-togethers, cookouts, etc. With a little weed or alcohol too if it's what you like.

"This is such a stupid/ignorant/uneducated Take"...

It's funny hearing this from the people who are actually sticking up for a stupid, ignorant, uneducated genre of music. And that proves just about everything I was saying to begin with. And it was pretty surprising to see most of the people sticking up for it being females. That also says a hell of a lot about their intelligence level and proves how sensitive and offended they were by it, like I was also explaining how rap and hip hop lovers get when you say you're not a fan of the stuff. Females, who talk about how this kind of music objectifies women and is foul, actually standing up for it! Can you get any crazier than that? Lol!

My Follow Up to Being A Black Man Who Hates Rap and Hip Hop

"What is the black woman's singing voice?"...

Was what I think @Elarra asked, or "How do black women sing?" or something like that. Again, I honestly do not know how anyone would need to ask such a question. Black women have a unique singing voice of their own, for good or bad, and it does stand out. Again, I laid it out and explained it very clearly how that voice sounds, specifically with R&B. Most people would never even think to ask how black women sing because we all know it's a different style of singing. So was the question really seeking an answer? Or just trying to see what explanation I might give so there could be more criticism or more questions?

"I mean you think everything makes black people look foolish so can't say that I'm surprised."

@CHARismatic110 So because I don't agree that rap and hip hop is the coolest and most awesome, it means I think everything makes black people look foolish. Or because you've seen me say and write about how I don't like everything our people do. Well, that's just the way it is. I agree with us and stand up for us on some things, and not others. I've stood up for us in the situations of cops killing black people and how racist the system is, and I've also scolded us for our own stupidities. I've given both hugs and chastisement. That's life. It is the way it is. You pretty much proved exactly what I said in the Take: black people get mad when you don't like rap and hip hop and say why you don't like it.

My Follow Up to Being A Black Man Who Hates Rap and Hip Hop


I want to give a special thanks to @Tdieseler who knew exactly where I was coming from, and also @Prof_Don. Again, you were another one who said you do like hip hop but could see where I was coming from. We don't agree on everything but you got me and could still be level-headed.

Also a special thanks to @peachblossomluck, who she herself must face a similar situation with white people giving her hell for not liking country music.

And @NyomiMcClinton who lives in the same region and understands exactly how the flow is, and not in a good way. Fortunately I live in the nicer, wealthier and more diverse parts now, but I grew up in the rough part of the woods.

@Bedroomdweller You also gave a pretty good perspective from an Italian side of the situation in a similar way which I really liked the most. If I could give Best Comments on Takes, you and Tdieseler would definitely get them.

My Follow Up to Being A Black Man Who Hates Rap and Hip Hop

Not a lot surprises me on GaG, but with this one, I just couldn't help but facepalm and give a proper response to the critics with their selective reading - or didn't read it at all - and who really did nothing but prove what I was saying anyway. At some point people have to learn to listen and try to understand where someone is coming from without a need to strike first and think later. People have to learn to hear you for real and not just hear you so they can be ready to disagree with you.


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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lmao, sure I did bud. I speak on what I see and what I see is you constantly downing "us". Like I told you before, YOU CAN LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE WITHOUT DOWNING WHAT YOU DON'T. I don't care that you don't like rap. But you talked shit about an entire genre of music and basically looked down your nose at everyone that listens to it like they're trash. That is why you got the backlash that you did. It's not because you're black and you're expected to like it. It's fucking 2016, nobody cares what you listen to.

    • Girl, ignore him. He just wants attention. That's why he took the time writing this Take. He wanted to trigger us the way we triggered him.

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    • @Elarra So how come that doesn't explain me writing follow ups to everything else I've written that got criticism? It's funny. It's like people here seem to think that's the answer to everyone's actions: oh oh something really bothered you that's why you wrote it/that's why you asked it. Or maybe you're just WISHING that's the case? It's like if something hurting or bothering someone can explain why somebody did something, it can make people feel good or satisfied. And it ain't that set in stone.

    • You're hearing it, but are you listening? You said that others needed to listen, but did you stop to listen to the general consensus of the original Take?

Most Helpful Guy

  • The only people who will give you shit from this are the ones salty because you spoke truth. The main reason why mainstream rap is succesful today is because it contributes to the ignorance we are plagued today. It endorses the "hey look, I'm badass because I fuck hoes all day, and buy guns and drugs from the street". In essence, that's what mainstream hip hop promotes and people get butthurt when you point this out them. Very little do you see hip hop artists who get famous without swearing every 10 seconds and saying something about beating someone up and wrecking however gets in their way. Why? Because shit like that is what sells.

    And yes, it was pretty clear you just wanted to convey a message that sometimes people just put others in a box because "X" and "Y", and stereotypes. Now you know this website is filled with morons with just a few glaring exceptions.

    My favorite genre of music is rock, and almost every subgenre of it. But I like to listen hip hop on ocassion.

    ^^As someone said in the comment section, hip hop like this is proof that you can have good music without an idiot waving money, no girls "twerking" and nobody bragging about how badass they are. I can listen to this without having IQ points dropped lol If someone thinks I'm acting as a snob, cool tell me where I'm wrong and I'll correct myself. Wouldn't be surprise some nimrod jumped on me calling me racist, though.


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What Girls Said 7

  • I've been on here for five years now (I believe) and it's shocking to me that nobody gets the point of this site. The whole point is to ask questions and seek answers and the whole point of the My Take feature is to give people the ability to write about what they want, whether you agree with the subject or not. So, all the people who wonder why he wrote an entire take about not liking rap and follow up of that take, you can stop wondering because that's his right as a user on here. He has his opinion on rap and is free to write about it. Just like all the girls who write negative things about guys and all the guys that write negative things about girls. That's their right as user on here. Most aren't going to like it but that's also the point of the site, so the topic will create a great debate. Why am I the only one who gets this?

  • Smh, people like different things, no one cares what type of music you listen to.

  • Again, why can't people just like what they want. There will always be genres people don't like. If you don't like it, don't listen to it.

    • You didn't read this Take at all, or not even the whole thing. Once again you're missing the point: it's about why EYE as a black man don't like it. The Take was much more about my perspective on it and criticizing the music, than actually criticizing people who like it.

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    • @amarahorrorstory So if someone wrote a whole Take about how they hate rock music, or country, would you be saying the same thing? You gotta really ask yourself that. Cuz somehow I think a looooooottttt of people would be agreeing with it.

      "Okay, and if people disagree with you, they can let you know what they think right back. If you don't need validation, then why make a whole take, let alone a second one."
      - You're still not hearing me. I wrote what I wrote to express what I think, and to respond to everybody I couldn't get to in the best way I wanted to. I DON'T CARE WHO VALIDATES ME OR DISAGREES WITH ME, what I do care about is when the message is crystal clear and people are still hearing and seeing only what they want to.

    • Yes, because I don't like country at all but why write a whole take on it? I'd say "I don't like country either but lots of people love it, it's just not my thing." Lots of people hate country, dude. I probably only know a handful of people who can actually tolerate it but I've said it many times, could probably look through my own tweets and I've said that I think it's disrespectful to insult a whole genre. So yeah, buddy, I think trashing a whole genre is super unnecessary, any genre because I love music. Okay, I got your point, I'm just saying that I don't think it was necessary. I'm a huge lover of music and I don't like when people trash any genre just cause they hate it, it's their right to do that but I just think that's lame. A LOT of people disagreed with you so it seems more like a flaw in the take, not everybody else, it isn't new news that people don't like rap, no one was shocked by that.

  • How is it stupid when you agree?

    "Rock these days is lacking compared to pop/rap which evolves to meet the new times."-me

    "It doesn't evolve to meet new times, it evolves to stay relevant"-you

    That's my point, modern rock isn't relevant. Most people who say they like rock mean they like classic rock. TI and BOB have to shit out albums because *they* aren't relevant anymore. New artists are where the innovation is at.

    As to your conclusion, no one gives af if you dislike rap. You clearly love writing mytakes about it (and everything else). Hip hop lovers hate when you talk smack about hip hop, not just black people hun.

    • I'm talking about rap and hip hop evolving to stay relevant, not rock. So let me go back and edit that before anyone else gets the wrong idea.

      I write what I write regardless of who gives a fuck. I write because I express thoughts. Whether you or anyone else likes it or agrees with it or not.

      "Hip hop lovers hate when you talk smack about hip hop, not just black people hun."
      - And you have to wonder why. Rockers don't really get upset when people talk smack about their music. So why are rappers and hip hoppers getting their panties in a bunch cuz people don't like them?

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    • Don't cry

  • where i live, everyone listens to country music; i can't stand it, but i don't chastise others for liking it. promote what you love instead of bashing what you don't, i always say. :)

    this is a well-written take. thanks for sharing!

  • Jesus... I didn't know this was such a big point of contention in the Black community. Don't you guys have bigger things to worry about?

  • good


What Guys Said 7

  • Why don't you just accept that people like different things? Rap isn't your thing, cool. End of story. Not all rap is bad, not all rap is great. Not all rock is a masterpiece, but not all rock is nickelback πŸ˜‚. Not all country is about being an inbred hick who drinks cheap beer... Music is music. It doesn't say anything about the genre or people listen to it. People just have different tastes. You just happened to grow up not liking rap, the people who you associated listening to it and a select songs that promoted things you aren't particularly happy about. Don't think that you're holier than thou cause you don't like it, nor do you need to validate yourself or the music you listen to or invalidate others who listen to it or the music as a whole. It is what it is. I like some rap songs, I hate others. I like some rock songs, I love others. I have a taste for country music, but some of it is shit to me. My preferences and what I don't like is not because of what the music stands for or what it's about, but it just doesn't sound great to me. That's it

    With that said, I do like that you put people on blast... that's pretty funny πŸ‘

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    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau "Your point wasn't just that you don't like it, but why you think it sucks while making assumptions about it and people who listen to it."
      - Just like I told her: the stuff that comes out of rappers and hip hoppers mouths and heads lets us know a lot about them, and the people who listen to it.

      "and you can't say you're more criticizing the music than the people when half the other take was literally criticizing the people and what it says about them."
      - No, that was really only one section of it. The vast majority of the Take was indeed talking about why I don't like it and WHAT I don't like about it.

      I know you're black, we already talked before. And as I pointed out in the first Take, if somebody likes some rap and hip hop songs here and there, I really don't care or mind, but the people who regularly love it? it does say something.

    • Lol! And you said that your point was to talk about the industry more than the individual, but yoet you judge the individual for liking the music. Way to contradict yourself in your same damn post.. congrats. You just played yourself, bruh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And if I like rap, a lot and it says a lot about me... please explain how someone who likes party rap, doesn't drink or party? If I like hard core rap and trap rap, why don't I slang dope? If I like listening to rap about getting bitches, why am I not someone who goes out every night downgrading women or trying to get as many bitches as I can to fuck? Or that I graduated in the top 10% of my high school class or summa cum laude in college? Just stop. You aren't special. You aren't holier than anyone. You aren't better and not listening to it sure as shit hasn't made you any smarter πŸ‘Œ

  • I love this rap-hating-myTakes. Go on bro.
    You got my support as an other black man who hates hip-hop and rap. I've always hated it. Because it was and is pointless. It's just about Chapo serving yayo to gringos and Shawty fucking better than other hoes.

    Girls are saying that Nicki Minaj (for example) sings and raps good but she's just playing hoe in front of camera. Besides that she has some voice but because of the sex she is not being heard. Her shit lyrics are not spreading because of that Ass-hype.

    funny is that rappers like Drake (who just follows up B. O. B. and that other few. He's considered fake until he started to make videoclips with strippers and write lyrics with a slide of money, hoes and niggas in it.

    More funnier than that is that Black women have voice but the artist with that voice now are not getting signed and have fame or are playing hoe. The white people stealing our Black-style and getting credited for it.
    We black-people have poor entertainers and then getting mad for others to use it smart.

    The most funniest is that white who listen to this feel themselves "black"(you can fill in thugish) and think they can do this better than us.

    I hope i can add somethings to your list to hate rap so
    Look at this:
    - Women are damn stupid to hate men for saying mysgonist things but listen to the most mysgonist verses ince mankind
    - People just swearing to get taken seriously. People think the Weeknd is a good singer but he's just swearing a lot while singing and they saying he makes good songs.
    - You damn right about that we looking stupid by those what-they-call-artists.
    - You damn right, your buddy is not getting a producer or DJ because his "flow" is wack and he's not swearing or talking about gangshit.
    - It's all about quantity and those requirements are: Are you stupid enough to shame the black community and you are uneducated. You can just randomly think some verses about killing "niggas?" Well we'll sign you to our label.

    I don't like rock in generally. I like everything with an tune/melody in it. It must sound good to me.
    There are a couple of rap songs i like but it's because "the whole complete picture." But most of the time i listen to instrumentals because the lyrics says nothing.

    About your myTake:
    Damn good job, you also reacted on some opinion written on your previous myTakes. Damn good. Write more.

  • Starting to feel like im in the middle on all this, but to be honest, some "rap" GOTTA go... i mean seriously.

  • I agree with you, but I don't think rap as a whole is bad. There are very few good rappers that have meaning with their music. One of them is Witt Lowry, check out this song.

  • I agree with everything you've said. I think rap started out as a socio-political statement but as it gained popularity it was hijacked by thugs with no interest in bettering the community, only making money and the money they make is from preying on young impressionable inner city kids.

    The only rapper I feel today actually has a solid message is former underground rapper Hopsin. Listen to this. We need more of it. It's the kind of message inner city kids need.

  • It's okay dude. I understand. I think it's wrong how people attacked you for this. You can hate whatever you want.


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