Ricky Martin: Motivational Artist of the Week

Of course we do not expect pop songs to change the world, but there are a few songs that give you genuine advice on life. Believe it or not, Ricky Martin is one of those pop singers that actually have songs that offer wise advice about life. An extra added bonus is that the guy is hot too.Ricky Martin: Motivational artist of the week

In Ricky Martin's song called The Cup of Life, the song provides two lyrics that you can apply in your life. The First lyric is: "No one can hold you down if you really want it."Ricky Martin: Motivational Artist of the Week

Determination is the key to wanting something. This lyric speaks volumes. No one can hold you down, if you really want it basically just means that no one can stop you but you. The Second lyric is: "Just steal your destiny, right from the hands of fate." Basically, in life do not wait for things to fall into your lap, determine your own destiny. I highly recommend this song to anyone who is feeling really a huge lack of motivation.

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