Black History Month: Influential African American Singers with Awesome voices


In the 1950's and 1960's the Civil Rights Era was gaining momentum throughout the US. Jim Crow was finally being brought down. One of the biggest influences was music. Here are some great Black singers who had great voices.

Ben E King

Sam Cooke

Ray Charles

Louis Armstrong

Etta James

Otis Redding

Charley Pride

Aretha Franklin

Clyde McPhatter

Brook Benton

Darius Rucker

Beyonce Knowles

These are only a FEW of the many talented African American artists who influenced music. If I didn't list one you like feel free to mention them but, don't be like where's so and so or how about etc...


Black History Month: Influential African American Singers with Awesome voices
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  • wankiam
    for me being a singer is one thing but i prefer the likes of k-rino because he actually has something to say
  • Barrabus_the_Free
    Beyonce does not belong on the same list with the likes of Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles. Simply being black and 'singing' does not put her ANYWHERE near their league. If you needed another black woman, there are plenty of other choices. Hell, Tina Turner would have been a vastly better choice than Bubblegum Pop Bullshit Black Girl.

    Other than that, good take. It's been a while since I listened to Aretha, Ray, or Louis.
  • Sixgun77
    John Lee Hooker is my favorite blues man.
    Robert Cray has a very good voice.
    Chuck Berry had a big part in rock and roll being invented (in my opinion)
    Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters are favorites.
    I liked seeing Sam Cooke and Ben E. King on this list.
  • LuvAsh
    What about Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, James brown, etc

    Anyways i loved the mytake. Thanks for sharing!!
    • Nadim171

      Isn't Michael Jackson white?

    • LuvAsh

      No... he is black

    • Thotkiana


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  • madhatters4
    good list. i'd add must haves like ella fitzgerald, sarah vaughan and the amazing billy holiday
  • Liam_Hayden
    Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and one of my all-time favorites Mavis Staples of the Staple Singers, the voice of the Civil Rights Movement. Her dad, "Pops" was pretty cool, too:
  • SirRexington
    I never listen to any of this stuff. Not my style at all. But they changed the game musicals, black or not. Gotta give them that.
  • Curmudgeon
    Beyonce and Darius Rucker were not in that time period, and accordingly do not belong there, however talented both may be.
  • ChiPaPa
    I like a lot of them. I am a fan of Darius Rucker, but only when he was with Hootie and the blowfish.
  • EmbraceThePain
    Ben E. Kingโ€™s โ€œSpanish Harlemโ€ is so good
    • I can see where Jimmy Buffett got the opening melody for Margaritaville from

  • ImFromReddit
    My dad looks like Darius Rucker.
  • Marti434
    Great discussion, thanks for sharing!