My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]

I'm an outright music freak, I'll listen to music almost all the time regardless; from studying and needing music to enhance my conscientiousness (since I study a rigorous subject), at the gym exerting myself to exhaustion on the pelt where I need that extra !UMPH! FUCK YEAH and sense of exuberance, when I'm stagnant music fuels motivation and when musing in tedious lectures... You'll always catch me with my earphones in aha. Whatever mood I'm in, music will arouse my tenor... Before a sprint I'll turn up the hard Drum and Bass which revitalizes my motivation, excitement and adrenaline levels instantly! I categorise, assigning certain songs/genres to a certain activity where the assigned song stimulates my mind and process with the current activity I'm focused on. I consider myself eccentric with some of the "other" music I listen to such as "Ugly Boy - Die Antwoord" which, when I listen to my mind paints a unique sentiment: a sexy flirtatious energetic vibe.

My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]

This MyTake is just to express my music taste, and hanker at least a little gratification from you the reader ^^. I could write paragraphs and paragraphs about as to why I like each chosen genre, however I want to focus more on the visual and acoustic sensations.

My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]

1. Alternative Rock.

My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]

I love Alternative rock due to the song meanings and lyrics which confronts the soul form the strong flourishing emotional texture and sound style. In addition the singers are souls you can deeply relate with, which is where the emotional feelings derive from. The lyrics and sound encourages me to ponder about life, and reflect on what my purpose is, the interesting thoughts I'm able to meditate on *_*. I get a cool satisfying retro vibe when I listen to most Alternative Rock too. Generally, when I'm feeling down or sad I'll listen to Alt Rock.

2. Classical

My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]

My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]

I flourish on the elegance and sensual melodies of classical music without any lyrics I can just focus my mind on the symphony, different instruments, sounds and textures all combined into one calms me down and generates a variety of different emotions ranging from; SADNESS from historical songs describing events with just music without any lyrics expressing deeply what happened which directly hits your soul with empathy BRAVERY the feeling lively and strong yet again being aware of the beauty and benevolence the world has to offer you...This is why I can focus on work and have deep thoughts when listening to classical music and opens up my heart and emotional side and soul relaxing me.

3. Drum and Bass

My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]

My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]

All right... nothing much to say except I transform into a BADASS when I'm listening to it.. The strong beats and and rhythms influences my mood and gets me psyched up psychologically enhancing my physical performance with power and endurance. My mind is focused on JUST the sprint alone nothing else. The defined rhythmic patterns and deep bass stimulates my physical ability arousing my mindset and attitude just before the climax: bursts of energy. Quick high intensity tempo forces me to run faster with more effort and power to. After my runs.. I'm ABSOLUTELY exhausted though pushed to my limit ^^.

"The psychophysical effects of music involve sensory responses to physiological processes. In music related research, this involves the perceptions of physical effort and is most oftmeasured via the ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) scale.

4. Electro

My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]

Electro ALWAYS puts me in a good mood, I have a unique ear for picking out music with quick catchy tempos, pulses with rhythmic consistency. Electronic music, unlike many genres isn't boring, the timbre complexity and tones of Electro is interesting and influential which is one of the main reasons as to why I'm so drawn to it where my motivation levels in life just increases. This genre for me triggers a range of emotions/feelings which are erotic; desire, aggression, ebullience, self-absorption, even narcissism and so on.

5. Hip Hop

My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]My Favourite Music Genres [PART 1]

I listen to Hip Hop not only because it sounds so badass and satisfying but meaningful, the artists express what life is about, they're geniuses the way they convey truth incorporating rhythm and beat. The poetry and creativity is inspiring. The beat isn't just about the rhythm but how the chord progression is composed strategically. Hip Hop always puts me in a confident aggressive aggravating mood (the good kind) which calms my mental state when I'm nervous and prepares me for an event.

Thank you for reading, nothing special I just wrote this take for fun.


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  • Lol eventually read through the whole thing :P ahah I always have earphones in my ears everywhere. Can't go a day without music xD

    I personally don't have specific music I listen to in specific moods. Its more or less what Im currently into or feel like listening to atm. I prefer to not listen to something super emotional when Im feeling emotional already 😂 just makes it so much harder to get out of it otherwise. Makes me cry. xD

    I listen to all those genres ahah, my favourites are alt rock, piano classics (love greensleeves), house, deep house, r&b soul and afro beat.

    One band I always always listen to and never get tired of is Kent (Swedish alt rock band), listened to them since I was born, haven't gotten tired of them yet :)) sadly made their last album this year 😢 They're lyrical geniuses. My dad get depressed listening to them though (he's so sensitive) 😂

    To be honest I haven't been listening so much to the big name artists much anymore, Im not sure why, only place I do it is at the club, rarely at home.


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  • "This genre for me triggers a range of emotions/feelings which are erotic; desire, aggression, ebullience, self-absorption, even narcissism and so on."
    ^^ this description of electronic music is soo accurate, all the edm style trap remixes make me feel that.
    The beat is secsi and the self absorption is real lmfao

    I'm not really big on classical music but the rest I agree wholeheartedly.

    • I can definitely get self absorption vibes from that :p

      Try this:

      "https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=kQ9lHF27eZk&list=LLOG_GuCQsCErQB2o72Qii2g&index=8"

      "ladies and gentleman introducing"

  • Oh my gosh, I'm addicted to music!!! I love a lot of these.

    Why wouldn't I like this silly?


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