Top 8 Underrated/Somewhat Underrated Movies

Top 8 Underrated/Somewhat Underrated Movies

8. Weird Science (1985) Top 8 Underrated/Somewhat Underrated Movies

Weird Science was a success at the box office but it still underrated when comes from the characters such as Anthony Michael Hall as Gary Wallace.

7. Swamp Thing (1982)Top 8 Underrated/Somewhat Underrated Movies

Swamp Thing has incredible strength this movie is an Action, Horror movie.

6. Road House (1989)

Top 8 Underrated/Somewhat Underrated Movies

Road House is one of my favorite movies ever I love it. The fights are the best parts of the movie.

5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)Top 8 Underrated/Somewhat Underrated Movies

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is very hysterical and somewhat underrated for the jokes it has like when Eddie Valiant says "Who you calling chump chimp" lol

4. The Goonies (1985)Top 8 Underrated/Somewhat Underrated Movies

The Goonies is one of the best movies of the 1980s and was successful at the box office but it's underrated when it's somewhat underrated when it comes to the characters.

3. Shrek (2001)Top 8 Underrated/Somewhat Underrated Movies

I love Shrek its such a hysterical movie and they have a lot of underrated jokes (:

2. Gremlins (1984)Top 8 Underrated/Somewhat Underrated Movies

I love this movie I love the comedy and horror. Also I love how cute Gizmo. is (: I love Gizmo :p

1. Monster Squad (1987)

Top 8 Underrated/Somewhat Underrated Movies

Monster Squad is an awesome movie I love the characters it has a lot of badass moments in it. I love so many things in this movie. Especially the Werewolf. :p

Not all in particular order. But most are the reason why I'm saying this is because Gremlins and Monster Squad are kinda tied for number 1 for me. But I think it might've looked weird if I did that so I put Gremlins at number 2 and Monster Squad as number 1. By the way the movies Weird Science, Road House, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Goonies, Shrek, and Gremlins, are all box office successes but I put them on the list because theirs certain things about them that are underrated. Tell me which movies on my list are your favorites. And what you think about these movies. (:


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  • "RoadHouse" was One of the Best from the Rest that I did Happen to See. "Roger Rabbit" was just Okay.
    Thanks for the Kind Invite, hun. xx


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  • Wow, i dont know that goonies and Shrek are underrated. The Shrek movies are a huge franchise and very popular. The Goonies is considered a pop culture classic.

    • Did you read my description?

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    • Feel free to message...

      when it comes to entertainment there is no accounting for taste... when i say i was disappointed in something, there is no expectation that other people should feel the same way, its just my taste... The Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings books, i probably read ten times each as a youth. I absolutely loved those books. It would be hard for anyone to do an adaptation that would equal the memories i have of those books.

    • What would you give those movies an good for movie but not the best adaptation what would you say those movies were in your opinion?

  • i see a pattern in the kind of movies you like... .

    • Um please explain. That I like a lot of 80s and 90s movies?

    • like these 80s b-movie teenage semi-horror adventures... .

    • Most of them aren't B movies. B Movies means they have a low budget also I like a lot of comedy and action movies too (:

What Guys Said 2

  • Very solid list👍 I haven't seen Shrek though, I'll try to check it out sometime. Good take bud!

    • Thank you my favorites are Who Framed Roger Rabbit and I think Gremlins how about you? (:

    • I'd say Goonies and Roadhouse👍

    • Those movies are so awesome :p they're somewhat underrated too as said before lol

  • Weird science was a favorite of mine, I did see all the others


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