The Evolution of Sansa Stark: Her Journey From a Scared Little Girl to a Direwolf.

For those of you who don't know, Sansa is the daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark. Early in the series, she was optimistic which is a kind word to describe her. More accurately, she was naive and saw a life as a fairytale. She thought Joffrey was a nice guy and they would marry and she would be queen. At first I didn't like Sansa either. I also thought she was naive and she irritated me. Over time, my opinion about her changed. I started to feel bad for her but then I started to believe that she was a mentally strong person who learns from her mistakes. I thought it was sweet when Joffrey was making his men publicly beat her and Tyrion rescued her and put her in Arya's old room. This is when she begins to think how she misses her sister and I thought that was sweet and a good sign. That shows the Lannisters never truly controlled her. It was good that Sansa left when she did. Even if she wasn't a suspect in Joffrey's death, Cersei would've killed her when she had no use with her. Sansa was always a pawn to Cersei and Joffreys sick "games."

Since then Sansa has quickly grown into one of my favorite characters. The changes to Sansa's character was small but you would've noticed if you paid attention. First she says what we're all thinking to Joffrey. While we all want to say that, we don't because it may kill us.

She learns to never say anything to Joffrey or cersei that they won't like. After Tyrion rescues her and asks if she's loyal to Joffrey, she doesn't hesitate when she says of course. Tyrion may have been the first to notice that she's not as weak as she appears.

A majority of her family was slaughtered and she blames herself. Instead of forgetting their deaths and the mistakes they made that led to their demise, she learned from it. Lord Baelish is (arguably) the best player in the Game of Thrones. Because he loves her and she's smart enough to not trust him, she may be the only one that can kill him. I want Lord Baelish dead but she has be careful if she decides to try to kill him. Lord Baelish is very smart but she has an advantage because we are all stupid when we are in love.

Based off the TV show, she has been through so much with Joffrey, being a pawn in his death, Ramsey, playing a huge part in the Battle of the Bastards, and then Ramsey being her first kill. (Congrats Sansa on your first kill. Arya would be so proud.) All of these gave her the experience she needs to survive in the Game of Thrones. I think she is finally a player in the game of thrones. For the longest time, she didn't play. She just kept her head down and didn't piss anyone off because she was just trying to survive.

After she arrived at Castle Black, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Jon will protect her and she can protect herself, making this one less beloved character I don't have to worry about so much.

Do I think Sansa is treacherous and will betray Jon?

No, she loves her family dearly and told Jon he is a Stark despite what he thinks. Also she said only a fool would trust Lord Baelish. I do think Sansa wishes she got more appreciation for saving Jon. Jon, you really know nothing. Ramsey's army was five times bigger than his and he still chose to fight Ramsey's army. I hope Jon learned from that if he didn't, I think Tyrion should have the Iron Throne. Sansa does deserve the appreciation. I hope Jon makes her his Queen or at least an adviser and actually listens to her advice. I don't think she would go as far as to betray Jon just to get some appreciation.

Historically speaking, Sansa is very similar to the Virgin Queen who was also called Queen Elizabeth the I. They even both have red hair. George R.R. Martin was inspired by real history for the Game of Thrones books. He insists that no matter how bad something in Game of Thrones is, real history was much worse. Tons of events and characters were inspired by real historical figures which may help foreshadow who wins the Iron Throne.

I know this is Game of Thrones, but I'm hoping for a Stark family reunion. At the very least, I want her to be reunited with Arya. And like Daenerys, she can have several nicknames. Since she has an enormous amount of mental strength, she can be called Sansa the Unbroken. If she becomes queen, she can be called the Wolf Queen or the Ice Queen. If anyone disses Sansa, you're going to get slapped like Joffrey. #sansatheunbroken

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  • I should not have read this, I'm only on season five

    • Word of advice, try to stay from my GOT takes. The good news is that this is a small percentage of what happens in season 5 and 6.

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  • Aaaah, I love Sansa so much <3 My favourite ASOIAF character <3


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  • Still one of tthe best scenes from the series. Is her commanding the war dog to attack Ramsey... IMHO.


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  • Sansa's really well-rounded and I think you made that very clear in this informative, great myTake!