Kanye West-There's Some Genius Still There

Kanye West-There's Some Genius Still There

He's Completely Immune To Fear of Excommunication

A lot of books will say the reason we have such a hard time being ourselves is because we have a primitive survival instinct to not get totally kicked out of the tribe which would mean death. Multiply that by thousands when you consider how many people he continues to piss on a daily basis.

He Has a Vision of Being a Master

He often talks about slave mentality which makes a lot of us think he's talking about being black but really he just sees himself as an overseer with complete autonomy and freedom. He tries to see the glitches in the matrix which is an incredibly difficult thing to do because the idea that everyone has it wrong and you have it right makes you afraid that either you're insane or that the entire world is.

Kanye West-There's Some Genius Still There

He Is Detached From His Image

Despite being so arrogant, Kanye West actually cares very little that other people think Kanye West is awesome. He laughs at his own fans as he announces to them that, had he voted, he would have voted for Trump. He tells his many black fans that Obama didn't do anything to change America for the better. There are so many journalists and just random people with opinions that have tried to shame him and ruin his name so hard that anything he puts out would presumably be met with fierce hatred regardless of content. Yet, he continues to put out content that is well received despite people trying to create the narrative that everyone hates him. He manipulates his own image as a play thing sometimes saying he's the most hated man in america and other times saying everyone is in love with him. It doesn't matter to him it only matters to the massive amount of people who are envious of him for various reasons.

Kanye West-There's Some Genius Still There

He Was Probably Born To Be a Nerdy Introvert

All investigations into Kanye's past and private life suggests he was kind of a nerd and in many ways still is one. In hollywood everyone knows kanye doesn't go out a whole lot unless it's for a specific purpose. His friends and even he himself often say how he wasn't the coolest he wasn't the best rapper and he didn't get the girls. Yet even though he looked in the mirror and saw the nerd he was, he still had boundless confidence and believed as much as he believed one plus is two that he is an amazing person and that the world will slowly realize this fact.

"Cuz my life is dope, and I do dope sh**."

He's truly a fascinating figure to me because of how easily he could be everything everyone wants him to be. He could be really futuristic and artistic perform and create and make the statements that people want to hear out of a major music artist today. Yet, he constantly pisses on his own fanbase that still remain loyal despite all the sh** he puts them through. He truly doesn't care about being loved and yet he continues to become more and more and more famous and is easily the biggest name in music albeit one of the least loved. I guess maybe my fascination with him is my own narcissism seeing a fellow overconfident introvert take on the idiot and "sheep mentality" masses that I hate as well. I just wish people weren't so influenced by what everyone else thinks and could think for themselves. I think there's a few pearls of wisdom underneath all the crazy that is Kanye West.

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  • I'm not feeling Kanye, he's just another arrogant celebrity. And I think he highly over estimates the actual impact he's making on society and the world. He says he wants to change the world... makes ugly ass clothes and shoes that very few can afford.
    He says he does this because he's an artist but also apparently empathetic bc he knows what it's like to be bullied over clothing... again, he makes the clothes too expensive for many people to afford, and again, they're considered ugly by most of the population.
    I liked his music when I was younger, but now, he's just some delusional guy. I still like Blame Game XD but yea, the rest still stands

    • Lol but he speaks with his own voice unlike Beyoncé who has always been so fake even this more edgy political Beyoncé is fake Justin Bieber is faker than fake Justin Timberlake is the fakest Kanye and chris brown are probably the only mainstream acts left that don't care what the public has to say about them

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    • it's not nonsense! some of it my seem random and disjointed but that's just a mind at work. i'm sure your mind does that too. that's what happens when you don't rehearse and talk like a scripted robot which is what you're used to from celebrities

      chris brown assaulted rihanna TEN years ago. Let the man have a fair second chance for christsake

    • I wouldn't dislike him so much over 1 event, Chris Brown has been fighting people and threatening people since then, he went to anger management and ended up breaking a car window in there. Dude has got serious anger issues and he is way too possessive over ex girlfriends, he acts like they're property.
      And I just can't get into him, Kanye, I think he's highly deluded.

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