4 Reasons Why Sia Is The Most Talented Singer of Today

1. She doesn't use her sex appeal to sell.

4 Reasons Why Sia Is The Most Talented Singer of Today

Sia actually refrains from showing her face when singing in front of audiences and in interviews. She does this as a way of maintaining mystery and privacy. She also avoids showing her face because she is 41 years old and the public eye is unbearably heavy on looks. This maintains her artist integrity because I judge her on her talent (which is more than most of hollywood combined).

Her music and videos have a common theme of the beauty and vulnerability of life and love. This is in contrast to the superficial music of, say, Nicki Minaj who has hits about butts and being a hoe (which I enjoy as well but it has a time and place 😛).

4 Reasons Why Sia Is The Most Talented Singer of Today

2. She writes music of pure beauty with powerful, heart wrenching meaning.

In the song Chandelier, an insanely popular hit with 1.4 billion views on youtube, Sia sings passionately about life as an alcoholic and drug addict.

4 Reasons Why Sia Is The Most Talented Singer of Today

The lyrics and videography combine the raw beauty of the inner workings of an addict with the absolute darkness of the aftermath. Sia battled with alcoholism and addiction to pills, the song Chandelier is a way of showing the inner workings of a drug addict. The dancer in the video (Maddie Ziegler) is shown in a run-down apartment room.

She moves to the hauntingly dark lyrics in a frenzied, emotional and sporadic dance. Sia sings as if she is an exposed nerve. Raw, vulnerable, full of painful sensation to all the extremes.

This is just one description of one of her songs, I could go on forever to be homest. Every single song of hers has the ability to make me feel things from the sheer emotion and truth of the lyrics.

3. She has an incredible songwriting talent.

Most people don't know how big of a song-writer Sia is. Songs written by her sell for 1 million dollars, she's written many of the popular songs of today.

4 Reasons Why Sia Is The Most Talented Singer of Today

Sia wrote the lyrics for the song "Diamonds" by Rihanna in 14 minutes. The song now has nearly 1 billion views on YouTube.

Here's a short list of the most popular songs she's written for other artists:

-Diamonds by Rihanna

-Pretty Hurts by Beyonce

-Perfume by Britney Spears

-Chasing Shadows by Shakira

-My Heart Is Open by Maroon 5

and many, MANY more.


Sia compiled the album This Is Acting from somgs she originally wrote for artists like Shakira and Adele but were refused. You can tell just by listening to the songs. Move Your Body is sung by Sia in a deeper, mellow tone similar to Shakira's unique singing voice. Songwriting is actually how she makes most of her money since she is not a fan of touring.

I'll be the songwriter for pop stars and then they can be the front person and I don't have to be famous." -Sia

4. Her live voice sounds exactly like her recorded voice.

Sia has an amazing voice, no doubt. A lot of musicians do. But not all of them can knock your socks off without aid from any autotune or studio help. Sia is one of those raw, talented singers. She proves this not only in her live performances but even in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.



She is my favorite artist of all time. Sia is The Greatest.

Thanks for reading xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • I ABSOLUTELY agree with points 2 and 3. She's a fantastic songwriter, basically a female Bob Dylan. But like Dylan, people let her get away with too much becuase of how well the songs are written. Her voice is awful... Alive is completely out of tune and most of her other stuff is difficult to listen to.

    Point 1, I think it's great that she isn't using sex to sell music, but you can't deny the whole not showing her face thing, and the silly hats, bows and wigs isn't a gimmick that she's using to sell her music instead, making her seem "artsy" when it's really just pop.

    As for point 4, maybe some autotune would actually help her, because I'm still not convinced she can actually sing.

    • Did you watch the car karaoke video? Her vocal talent is pretty indisputable

Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. That literally has nothing to do with talent...
    2. If something is beautiful is part of your perspective... So it may not be beautiful to everyone...
    3. I totally agree with this one, the fact that she is making her own music AND other people's is vary impressive... Dose she write the music or just the lyrics?
    4. This again I completely agree with, if you can't sing without Auto-Tune you can't sing.

    Anyways I find her music really annoying, but she does definitely have some talent.

    • 1. It actually is. Lots of people in the music industry are famous just because they're good looking.
      2. It can't be. A song can't be universally loved. But you can check the charts.
      3. ---
      4. ---

    • @YourFutureEx
      Singing has nothing to do with how famous you are/ how you got famous. You could say she has a talent for becoming famous, but being famous doesn't make her a better singer.

      After rereading that point I agree with the having good lyrics part, but saying that someone is good... You can't just say that as a reason... Like maybe if you have a list of 20 or something but 4... No.

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What Guys Said 6

  • She's very talented. I do like the fact that she writes all her own music. Which is very uncommon in the pop world

  • I'm less into pop music than you might be, but yeah I do get the whole "not using sex appeal" thing. She's a very talented singer

    • Pop music encompasses various genres because it's "popular" music. You can't possibly dislike things bc they're popular

    • Show All
    • Calm down... wot lol

      Sia is not even a little bit hip hop, she's a straight up singer. No rapping at all 😂

    • "You can't possibly" trigger language right there lmao

      No I mean not the rapping one which is the one where people like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are the singers xD I call it pop.

  • She didn't even want to be a singer despite having heavenly voice lol.

  • I don't listen to pop music at all, I usually listen to rock and metal music... but yeah I agree Sia is one of the few credible pop artists now. I don't particularly like her music but it doesn't annoy me. She is a great singer and seems to be creative in her art or whatever she does in her videos and performances.

  • That's highly debatable... I do like some of her songs, though. They're just overplayed as shit

  • Never thought from these angles, thanks for sharing.


What Girls Said 4

  • She's also my favorite. I know almost all her songs between the release of Healing is Difficult all the way up to This is Acting.

    • Same here, which one is your favorite?

    • My favorite is probably Summer Rain, but some of my other favorites are Broken Biscuit, Clap Your Hands, Footprints, Fist Fighting A Sandstorm, Alive, Bird Set Free, Electric Bird, Never Give Up, and Soon We'll Be Found.

  • Sia is amazing. I love her but I DID NOT KNOW SHE WAS AUSTRALIAN!

    • I didn't either till I saw her interviews, mirin talent

  • didn't really agree until I read the take. I've always had respect for Sia, she seems like a raw, true talent.

  • so right


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