20 Days of 2017

10 Days of 2017 Installment #2

Okay so the last 10 days have been a little weird for me. Saw my siblings. Got my hammock back. Got drawn into my own mentality a little further than normal.

But, through my weird week and a bit, I managed to keep up with drawing something everyday.

Lets get on with it shall we.

20 Days of 2017

Almost Missed Out

Stayed at mums place for the night. Forgot to take my book with me.

So I made do with a page out of one of mums and got this done five before midnight.

20 Days of 2017

Too Many Grins

Everytime I stay at mums I get little to no sleep. Drew this at 2 in the morning, just a little high on tiredness.

20 Days of 2017

Mouseing Around

Spent this day job searching online. Applied for everything I found that didn't require experience or a drivers license.

I found five jobs that I could apply to.

20 Days of 2017


can't remember why i drew this or what happened this day. But i do remember being unsatisfied with the result.

20 Days of 2017


So this was when I started getting bad in terms of mentality. Always tired, little grumpy, mind a lot louder than usual and it taking a lot of effort to not snap at anyone. I put very little effort into this.

20 Days of 2017


Id had a little cry before drawing this one. Had gone to the beach with my siblings, had a really good day. And then it was over. And they went home. And it dawned on me that i couldnt take them for granted anymore.

I really miss them.

20 Days of 2017


(Apologies for the blur)

Felt strangely good this day. But good in a bad way. I was above everyone else, i was the cat on the wall strutting, while everyone else sat at the base looking up.

No, I dont like this one at all.

20 Days of 2017


When I spent time with my siblings, dad brought my bike and hammock with him. The day i drew this Id set my hammock up and just spent the day lying in the sun.

20 Days of 2017

Falling Waters

Started feeling better again. A bit too much chaos around me to allow my mind to just bathe in its own negativity so I got shoved out of my rut a bit. Which inspired me to draw this! The water reminds me of the Dr Seuss style, but Im happy with the rest.

20 Days of 2017

High Skies

Im at my boyfriends grandparents house and this the view from their backyard. Pretty gorgeous view, not a whole lot to look at but still. Hopefully one day Ill get better at landscapes. Be able to portray them properly.


There we go, thats my last ten days!

Im going to continue drawing everyday, and in 10 more days, you guys will get another peek into my mind.

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