10 Days of 2017

Everyday this year I have drawn in my little art journal that my boyfriends parents got me for Christmas.

Im planning on doing this everyday for the whole of the year.

So far I have succeeded.

I have decided, since todays is the tenth consecutive day in a row that I have drawn in my book, that I would share with you all my current progress.

If you would like I can continue to do this every ten days for this year (so long as my memory allows)

10 Days of 2017

Beneath the drawings I will give a short explanation, either the time I drew it, or how I was feeling, what the image means to me etc.

This is the cover of the book.

10 Days of 2017

The Jim Beam Can.

I drew this at two in the morning, on the first day, of the new year, while slightly drunk from drinking three of these cans haha

10 Days of 2017

Screw Squares.

I already lost motivation at this point, however, lets blame that on the fact I waited until eleven at night to get this done.

10 Days of 2017

Im Japanese (apparently)

I dont know why I drew this in particular, but you can blame the title on my boyfriend. He says whenever I draw people they look Japanese, purely because of how I draw hair.

10 Days of 2017

Mountain Sunrise

I wanted to draw a landscape scene... but I forgot that Im generally only good at those with a reference present... yeah, no this is shit XD

10 Days of 2017

Nostalgic Gums

Okay, so this one means a lot to me. The last time I drew gum leaves, I was eight. Grandma taught me how, and I never did again for fear of being unable to draw them as well as I did that first time. Eleven years later, I finally pluck up the courage, and here is the result. My first time in at least three years drawing in pencil, and first time in eleven yeara drawing gum leaves, and I am incredibly proud of the outcome.

10 Days of 2017

Old OCs

(OC=Original Character)

So this is another redraw, I drew the original about five or six years ago. I got the anatomy right this time (almost) but the original was so much more dynamic! And this ones just... eh.

10 Days of 2017


Yep. Was ealrly morning, I was tired, and, I honestly dont know. I made a shape, then drew around it haha I may have just been not quite bothered enough to draw clothes on.

10 Days of 2017

Inferior Fish Bowls

4 in the morning is when I drew this. Nuff said, I was tired XD (such a waste of graph paper though)

10 Days of 2017


I drew this one mainly for practice of the human anatomy, plus some shading practice. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

10 Days of 2017

Setting Ocean

Todays drawing! I love drawing sunsets, just have to say that.

So there you have it, the compilation of this years drawings so far!

Let me know if you want to see more of these. Theyll only be every ten days, so you won't be overloaded with drawings.

Which one is your favourite! Numbers are in the top left corner of the image themselves.

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  • They Sell Bourbon in Can's in Australia?
    Seriously, my step-grandfather is a very southern man and rather serious about his bourbon and might take issue with Australia if he found out


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  • Good that you are trying to draw everyday. Your drawing skill is not very perfect. In anatomy you have drawn a girl but you failed to keep a space between her boobs. Also all the girls you draw , seems to have big boobs , may be because you draw them in the image of yourself. Anatomically , you are still not perfect. You need to improve a lot.

    • No my anatomy in terms of just people in general is shit.
      But yeah, i fail at drawing boobs haha

      Keep in mind though most of these are done in pen, i pretty much never do a pencil sketch beforehand.

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    • But your cartoons come out good. And you have got good voice skills. So you will do well if only you do it as a part of your profession.

    • www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a34429-20-days-of-2017

      Thought you might like to see Installment #2!

  • Nice work, especially the nude.

  • It's still the 9th where I live.


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