Stephen's top 5 Best Cartoons from the 1990's

5. Rocko's Modern Life Stephen's top 5 Best Cartoons from the 1990's

Quite possibly the most Underrated cartoon of the 1990's . This show had a little bit of everything including adult humor. Even in it's heyday this show was never ran in marathons or in multiple viewings like Rugrats,SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents, or Loud House (No disrespect I love those shows to this day). The only downside is that there were only 52 episodes made. But it spawned some of the biggest and best talent who went to work on other shows. Talent such as: Stephen Hillenberg who went to create SpongeBob Squarepants, Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh who went to create Phineas and Ferb, and Chris Savino who worked on: Original Powerpuff Girls, My Life as a Teenage Robot,and Loud House. Even though the series was never really given its due, it opened up the market for some of the most loved cartoons of the past 25 years.

4. AnimaniacsStephen's top 5 Best Cartoons from the 1990's

One of Steven Spielberg's cartoon masterpieces with the others being Tiny Toon Adventures and Pinky And The Brain (Which was spun off from this show). Adult humor, pop culture refrences, Bill Clinton Jokes, History refrences, and even educational songs ran wild in this series.

3. Powerpuff Girls (Original)Stephen's top 5 Best Cartoons from the 1990's

This was the best show on Cartoon Network in the 90's. Three girls who could kick ass, take names and be back to to school in time for recess. Their foes included: A evil genius monkey, a crossdressing lobster devil hybrid, A hillbilly furry bear thing, and a seductive woman with evil hair. This show has been rebooted and is the god awfulest thing to watch. They replaced most of the action with twerking, memes, and other nonsensical stuff. But the original series is the stuff of legends no doubt.

2. Hey ArnoldStephen's top 5 Best Cartoons from the 1990's

I always felt a personal connection to this show. He was raised by his grandparents as I was. He was always a goody two shoes like I was, and he always believed in right over wrong. The characters were very relatable too. This show is getting a TV Movie reboot possibly later this year. Rumor has it that all but 2 of the original voices are returning and will be played as the orignal exccept the wardrobes and look has been somewhat modernized for the times.

Before I relase number 1 here are a few I also enjoyed but did not make the cut:


Dexter's Lab


The Simpsons

King Of The Hill

Cow and Chicken

Beavis and Butthead

Pepper Ann

Blues Clues

Garfield and Friends

1. RugratsStephen's top 5 Best Cartoons from the 1990's

The quintessential cartoon of the 90's and early 2000's. Rugrats had it all. Babies who experienced life from their point of view, Parents who at times their parenting styles were questioned and compared, A big green dinosaur who became about as popular as the show itself, and 3 movies that blew Disney out of the water. Rugrats was really the first cable cartoon to hit it big in an era when Saturday Morning Cartoons were still on the big three US TV Networks:CBS,NBC,and ABC. Sadly they added new characters and gave the series a preteen spinoff which turned out to be lackluster.



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Most Helpful Girl

  • Great list!

    Dexter's Lab
    Cow and Chicken
    Hey Arnold
    Johnny Bravo
    Powerpuff Girls and
    Rugrats used to be the things my sister and I would always turn to :)

    Did you like Courage the Cowardly Dog?


Most Helpful Guy

  • My favorite is "Arthur" from pbs kids. I would love to rewatch the entire series if I could.
    And then "The Simpsons". I wonder how long it would take to watch every episode.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I liked all of these shows!

    • Me too, I recently bought the whole series of Rocko for $20. there's a couple I enjoy nowdays too like Gravity Falls, Loud House, and Star vs The Forces of Evil but these are legends as the other 3 I just mentioned wlll be someday.

What Guys Said 1

  • rockos modern life was amazing, i'm very disappointed ren and stimpy isn't even on this list tho haha


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