Honorable Mentions of Cartoons I Liked growing Up

One of my previous mytakes dealt with cartoons I remember growing up liking,and another I discussed cartoons I loathed. I recently thought of a couple more I really liked growing up. It's hard to list them all when you had quite a few.

All Grown Up (Rugrats Spinoff)Honorable Mentions of Cartoons I Liked growing Up

This one was a stretch, but I did really like it. It was pretty much a preteen version of Rugrats for the generation that grew up with the original show,but were becoming of adolescent age. Phil and little were becoming separate, Angelica was more concerned about being popular rather than mean, Tommy wanted to become a film maker, and we later discovered he wasn't as fearless as he was in the original. Chuckie was a lot more confident as well. Dil was, well he was a little strange. The show had some positive and negative to it. On the positive side it was a continuation of what happened to the Rugrats gang as they grew older, but on the negative side what we knew about them as babies changed thus making the show not anywhere as good as the original,but still likeable and watchable.

Gravity FallsHonorable Mentions of Cartoons I Liked growing Up

This was a weird but unique show for Disney. On one hand it had mystery and adventure. On the other hand it was all mostly about making fun of conspiracy theories and illuminati, which Disney has been accused of being part of. This show was a hit among young adult viewers although it never got the popularity of Phineas and Ferb with both adults and kids. The show did feature characters that people could identify with easily.

Hey Arnold Honorable Mentions of Cartoons I Liked growing Up

One of the most remembered 90s classics. This show centered around an orphan boy who lived in a boarding house with his grandparents in a big city (Which probably was New York City or one of it's Burroughs). The show featured a cast of characters that everyone could identify with. From Gerald who was Arnold's best friend, to Helga who was a bully but had a crush on Arnold. There was Stinky, a Southerner who was dimwitted but good natured, Eugene who was very good natured, but also had a lot of bad luck.

There was many other characters but they were too many to name. The show had many morals and lessons during it's run. All coming from an optimistic boy who years earlier lost his parents in the jungle for some unknown reason. But there will be a tv movie released in 2017 telling the whole story of whether his parents survived or not. The good news is unlike the remake of Powerpuff Girls most of the original cast is actually coming back.

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