RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9

The new season of RuPaul's Drag Race is now underway with two glorious episodes underfoot. This season we had 13 queens before Cynthia was resurrected back into this season. Here are my thoughts on how things are going so far, and my predictions for a winner.


Her first work room look was a show stopper. She has a big personality. She is likeable from what I can tell so far. I think she can rock it to top 7.

Alexis Michelle

She has already started apologizing on YT for comments she made on the show to Jaymes. She says, she's not the mean one, just likes to help people and be supportive. I don't doubt that. Her looks have been beautiful and she has tried to encourage others in a way and to let others speak up and out so they don't get lost in the shuffle. I predict top 10.

Charlie Hides

I think Charlie is a talent, but from what we've seen, is hung up on the age thing despite no one really mentioning it or calling attention to it, other then herself. I think she is more apt to use that as an excuse rather than actually listen to the advice and good critiques of her style, but the jury is still out. If she finds her confidence, she may make it further, but right now, may go home in 2-3 episodes.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

I want to be so super supportive of this queen, especially given the back story of her recovering from her bout with liver cancer, but GIRLLLLLLLLLL, if she says "Cucu" one...more...time!!!! Seriously, we already know her catch phrase, I'm sure the merch is out there, we don't need to hear it over and over. A good catch phrase is one that someone said off hand, and it became a thing, but when you try to force it, it gets old real quick. I wished in the white party challenge she had pulled in that waist for shape, but other than that, on talent, maybe to 9.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9

Eureka O'Hara

Comedy queen for sure. She has some fast comebacks and is generally funny. It seems like she's being painted to be one of the villains this year, so we'll see if it shakes out that way. I love that she is doing her thing and not totally hung up on the big girl thing. It's hard to be that, we get it via past contestants, but it's just nice to have someone be like, I'm talented, deal with it. I predict top 7.

Farrah Moan

I really don't know what to predict for this one as of yet because other than looking pretty, I can't say I've just been thrown back in my seat about her. She seems a bit ditzy but that could be an act. She's definitely giving Vegas, Vegas, Vegas with her looks on the runway. If she can crack on with actual talent, and not just the looks, she may go further, but if there is nothing behind the mask, I say she may not make it as far as people think she will.

Jaymes Mansfield

Bye Girl. First one out the door. Not too many were shocked because she just seemed really unnerved by the competition, but it's a shame b/c her online comedy actually is kind of funny, but the puppets, and tiny girl voice, and lack of confidence, didn't seem to win her any votes.

Kimora Black

She's giving off millennial vibes hard core. She's not used to doing work, and that's cool if you're on your own and not on this show, but your talent has to shine along with the looks, and she seems like she's a rester on those looks. Like Eureka, I feel like their plumping this one up for more drama with the other girls, especially if there is another team challenge and god forbid, she has to pick up a needle and thread...or sing..or dance...or act...or.... I'll give her 1-2 more episodes.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9

Nina Bo'Nina (etc) Brown

You just literally want to see what she can pull from her bag of tricks, all though her white party look was kind of meh compared to episode 1 looks. I say top 6 for sure if she can keep up her confidence and manage to get her looks done in the limited time they have to get ready.


First trans contestant. She hasn't really stood out much to me. Her high school story was really life affirming, but aside from that, I feel like they're going to reveal more about her later as we haven't heard the "sob story" episode yet. I think they may keep her around, if you know what I mean, just a little bit longer than normal if she doesn't pull out of the mediocre pack just because of the trans thing. I don't see her though going super far. Maybe 3 more episodes.

Sasha Velour

I really like her aesthetic with the bald head and unique brow. It's something we haven't really seen, aside from maybe Ongina early on, but I like that she can switch it up, and is more of an artsy queen. Can't see what she pulls out of her bag of tricks. I predict like a top 6.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9

Shea Coulee

I want to see her lipsync or at least turn it out more in some other dance challenge b/c if the rumors are true, she is supposed to be a sight to see. I gather she is very outspoken, and has maybe more of a larger than life personality, so I predict she'll go far. Top 7.

Trinity Taylor

Fast forward to the finale, and if this girl is top 3, I think my jaw will unhinge. I think she talks a big game, but I haven't seen anything outside of her Lady Gaga look that had me gagging. They've built up this back story about her and Eureka which I'm sure they'll bring back up somehow, but I just don't want to see much more of her. I give her 2-3 more episodes.


She is so incredibly talented. Her fashion is sickening, and she's got a memorable personality. The other girls seem to write off said talent perhaps because she's supposedly only been at this 10 months. I predict top five, and possibly the win for her, especially since she has been getting A LOT of camera time. The only time any reality show ever does that is if you are a)the talented one who makes it to the end or close to it, or b)you're going home that episode, and she is hardly in category B.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why the hell would anyone watch men dressed up as women?

    If you're a straight man, you want to see a real woman!

    If you're gay, you want to see a man who looks like a man!

    And finally, if you're a man, gay or straight, why would you want to wear those uncomfortable clothes?

    WTF, where did this shit ever come from?


What Girls Said 2

  • There's no way Charlie's leaving any time soon! she's definitely getting (at least) into top 5 lol the bitch is insanely polished! can't wait for her snatch game. It's gonna be amazing.

    • I really am excited to see her at Snatch Game. Her princess look was to me this week one of the best and honestly one of the few that actually made you think, that's a princess.

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    • Yeah, well. My prediction for her came true. She went home in 3 episodes, minus the first where no one went home. I can say 100%, she sent herself home by refusing to really participate actively in the lipsync. I mean, season 9, why join the show if you don't plan to fight for a chance at the top prize.

    • Exactly!!! I'm so mad. What a wasted oportunity.

  • Sasha is my favorite ❤ Love Eureka too
    I know this is an old post but I wanted to comment anyway


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